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Expressing opposition through free speech is a sacred tenet. One to be used often to preserve the message of freedom. was created as a free site for news and information. NO subscription fees, NO popup ads selling skin creams, NO capturing personal information to make money from selling it. It’s a resource and a palate for my articles; Writings that range from current events and news, to top government interviews spreading the blanket of open and hidden truths across the electronic spectrum. Find news sources and contacts with government officials, ranging from mayors to federal representatives, by Clicking the link Images below. We invite your feedback and ideas on making this a better communication tool to do one thing – Make and Keep America Great again. (Use CTR+D to bookmark)

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Dr. Victor Davis Hanson and Iran

More and more in today’s society, knowledge is power. Accurate knowledge, factual knowledge. And as the world is warring around us, groups plotting against us, as countries invade ours with thousands of immigrants, cyber attacks and terrorists, it’s incumbent on all...

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America’s Greatest Threat, Our Armageddon Part 3

The threat is real. The weapons are available. Access to our country is open and easy. And yet maximum protection is not being provided for our very safety. In Part 3 we look at what is done, not done and what would work. Part 1 is HERE and Part 2 is HERE. Again, our...

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America’s Greatest Threat, Our Armageddon Part 2

EMP is a real threat. Whether natural as in 1859 from the sun or a manmade nuclear occurrence which is a threat being developed by more than one country against us. Understanding and preparation is the key to preservation. Part 1 is HERE. “Chance favors only the...

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America’s Greatest Threat, Our Armageddon is Coming

It’s Tuesday. You wake up late. Your alarm didn’t go off. You look closer and see that it’s not even on. You try the light on your nightstand, there’s no power. “Funny, I didn’t hear rain and thunder last night,” you mumble. You reach for your cell phone only to see...

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