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America’s love affair with great deals and value has a price paid in human lives and misery. The truthful facts are that the savings we see are carried from overseas on the blood of the imprisoned.
To stop this, we need increased enforcement and community support. We turn to our legal contributor, Mr. Frederic Rocafort, a respected attorney.

Attorney, fmr US Diplomat Fred Rocafort

Fred Rocafort – Provided & used with permission

RB ~ Fred, being an attorney with international experience, are there not int’l laws against such abuses and what’s being done here, if anything, to curtain the import and sale of these “forced” goods?

FR ~ “Yes. Federal law (19 USC 1307) prohibits the importation of goods made using forced labor. CBP has issued exclusion orders (formally called withhold release orders (WRO)) against numerous entities suspected of using forced labor, most of them Chinese. According to press reports, at this very moment, the US government is considering issuing a WRO against Xinjiang cotton.”

America’s love affair with slave labor

RB ~ Mr Prime Minister, in a world so aware of human abuses, how is this being allowed by the int’l community?

PMSH ~ “Many countries across the world have close economic ties with China, and especially western companies don’t wish to lose their profits thus many countries are reluctant to oppose these atrocities. Furthermore, the Chinese government has bought influence in the UN and other key international institutions. Much of the world despite vowing ‘NEVER AGAIN’ is standing silent against this 21st century Holocaust. The US had raised the issue and even sanctioned Chinese leaders and entities, but it still hasn’t been a strong enough action to pressure the Chinese government to end the genocide. – Asides from the US, and a few western countries more recently like Canada and the UK, the world has really remained silent on the issue, especially Muslim countries.”

RB ~ With the recent release of this video showing prisoners being loaded into trains, it’s reminiscent of the trains for Jews in Germany. Has this brought the situation to the forefront and have your people gained any help from this revelation?

Prime Minister Salih Hudayar

Prime Minister Hudayar – provided & used with permission

PMSH ~ “The video provided concrete evidence of what is going on in East Turkistan, however, despite raising awareness, it hasn’t gotten as strong of a response as we had hoped. Governments across the world still fail to recognize the atrocities and crimes against humanity as a genocide.”

RB ~ What determines the selection of Uighurs to be placed in either labor camps, regular prisons, chosen to work for foreign companies making products or providing services and products for China itself, or just strictly imprisoned?

PMSH ~ “Most of the people being sent to work in the slave labor camps or for companies are mostly young men and women. People who have traveled overseas, practiced religion, engaged in any form of political or civil activism have been given long prison sentences, wealthy people have also been sent to prison and their assets seized. The rest of the population are sent to concentration camps based on simple things like speaking with someone who traveled abroad, telling others not to swear, owning a tent, not allowing officials to sleep in your bed, eat your food, and live in your house, having WhatsApp, having a beard, speaking your native language in schools or government buildings, speaking with someone abroad, not allowing officials to take your DNA or iris scan, abstaining from cigarettes or alcohol, and being related to anyone who has done any of the above.”

Gordon Chang

Gordon Change – (Image: Gage Skidmore CC BY-SA licenses/by-sa/2.0)

RB ~ I asked Mr. Gordon Chang for thoughts on this abuse and he was very emphatic in his response.

GC ~ “The world will not forever ignore the crimes against humanity that China is committing in what it calls the “Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region” and which the inhabitants call “East Turkistan.” In fact, Beijing is coming under increasing criticism from the international community.

And why the criticism lately? China’s Communist Party has become especially belligerent, which means it is losing friends fast. At the same time, its economy is failing, giving foreigners one fewer reason to ignore Beijing’s disgusting and horrific conduct. Also, that conduct has become so blatant—mass detentions, genocide, slavery, rape, organ harvesting—that it can no longer be ignored. – Chinese communists enjoyed a free pass for a long time. Those days are over.

Ron, here’s an additional thought: There can be no coexistence with Xi Jinping’s Communist Party. And soon people will be forced to choose, either to submit to the Chinese regime or fight for their own freedom. Xi is leaving no middle ground.”

To Prime Minister Hudayar,
RB ~ Gordon Chang’s quote to me begs to ask, are your people reaching a point of imminent decision, and do they have any ability to fight back or just submit and hope?

PMSH ~ “Our people see that restoring our country’s independence is the only way to ensure our survival. Those inside East Turkistan are currently helpless, however our diaspora is looking to the international community especially the United States and NATO to actually support us so that we can liberate our people and country from Chinese occupation and oppression.

Again, our issue is not simply a “human rights” issue, it’s an issue of colonization, genocide, and occupation. What we are facing in East Turkistan is something that could very well happen to other countries and peoples across the world if they fail to effectively oppose China and its Communist Party.”

RB ~ And the new pipeline to bring in oil supplies from Iran and Pakistan?

PMSH ~ “Historically, the Chinese government has used Uyghurs as slave labor to build infrastructure, roads, develop oil fields, and even farming. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if the Chinese government will be using Uyghurs and other Turkic peoples for this specific oil pipeline project.”

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It’s important to remember that, despite our love affair with cheap TVs, shoes, toys, and clothing and other electronics; as long as there is an open market for goods made with forced slave labor in despicable camps, under inhuman conditions, companies will exploit these people for their labor, and exploit the public for their profits.

With the heightened awareness of Chinese Communist Party abuses in many areas, the world community must coalesce its efforts to ban these products from their borders, and the public needs to hold these companies accountable with their purchases.

Our sincere thanks to the Prime Minister of East Turkistan, Salih Hudayar, @SalihHudayar, author, Mr. Gordon Chang @GordonGChang, and attorney Frederic Rocafort, @RocafortFred. You can read more of Fred’s thoughts HERE, and watch for Gordon Chang’s new book coming soon. Be sure to follow these great resources on Twitter for accurate and up-to-date information on this subject and this country.

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