Today’s news is spread across every conceivable spectrum of communication. Broadcast TV, cable TV, newspapers, billboards, mailers, magazines, emails, websites, broadcast and internet radio. It’s hard to know what’s real and truthful anymore but… getting as many facts, and getting them quickly is paramount to our being informed and making decisions good for us, our businesses and our families.

We trust these links to popular sites will yield the timely, informative content you seek. The following links are provided as a community service as we do not charge for the use of our site.

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Social Media Sites

Social media platforms/sites are a growing and are an integral part of our daily lives. We get our news from them. We Interact with people we personally know or only know online, adding to our source of pleasure and social information. We list as a convenience a few we have found. We have purposely not listed FaceBook as we feel they have not lived up to the standards of true free speech and use their liberal political bias to restrict its members. They continually reduce a true and factual conservative message and exchange of ideas. We won’t promote them here. There are many others with social connections such as Instagram, twitter, YouTube  but these are more interaction style sites.