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Your opinion matters. Your thoughts and informed input is warranted. There are many current topics that are of major importance to citizens. Below are links to your local, state and federal leaders. Use those links to find their physical address, emails, and phone numbers. Write them often and keep putting your opinions and thoughts in front of them in order to achieve action. WE MUST WIN THIS FIGHT. Be respectful but forceful.


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Let your local leaders know your position and needs related to local issues. Click the images below for their contact information.

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Let your federal leaders know your position and needs related to important national issues. Click the images below for their contact information.

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Story of the Week!

Biden admin continues to
destroy America. Bought gas lately?

“We aren’t getting facts, we’re not seeing
advancements, we’re not seeing the protection
and growth for America.

What will it take? When will America be forced to wake up, fight back
and defend our 
freedoms and God-given rights?

The government works for us – we are not slaves for the government.

Some stories are HOT, some are not. But if there are many that stand out, there’s a chance we’ll link them here. Many times, social media sites will restrict postings to news stories – WE DON’T. We’re not a news service. We have no roving reporters on scene grabbing the scoop but we try to keep up with what’s new and what’s important. Be sure to watch our news tickers on our home page for updates from many reputable sources. You can’t win the battles with second-hand intel on what’s happening with our enemies.

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Keeping up with the news is work. So many stories on so many subjects. So many outlets – some truthful, others manipulating the truth so as to confuse or persuade.  It’s on each of us to be aware and also to write our leaders expressing our concerns and dismay while asking the tough questions…. “Why are you doing this to the American people?



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