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FreedomMail exists to share information. Our contact section easily puts you in touch with local, state, and federal officials.

As part of our information sharing, we want to expose you to those individuals and their work that gives additional and possibly new insight into world events and ideas.


Any materials, articles, books, etc. are the exclusive work of the contributors and FreedomMail does not edit any content or share in any sales. Any links are provided for your convenience and we trust you will support their efforts as they try to present truth and ideas not found everywhere else.


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Current Contributors:


Dr. Peter Vincent Pry


  • Former Intelligence Officer with the Central Intelligence Agency
  • Congressional Advisor and Director of various committees, and forums focused on national security, terrorism, and threat assessments toward the United States.

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  Erbil Gunasti


  • Former Press Secretary for 8 Prime Ministers of Turkey
  • He spent five years as a press officer when Erdogan was Prime Minister

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  Daphne Barak 


  • Writer
  • Ward Winning Producer
  • World-renowned interviewer of celebrities, world leaders, and entertainers.

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