Loss of freedoms and rights, labor camps, forced marriages and abortions are only part of the story against the East Turkistan Uyghurs. The breaking of international treaties related to nuclear and biological testing and the destruction of local lands and the theft of natural resources are part of their impoverishing suffering.

We’re most appreciative of the time with East Turkistan’s Prime Minister, Salih Hudayar, for his time in presenting this information.

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Biological Testing Killing Hundreds of Thousands

RB ~ China has also been accused of violations of the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) with its development of “dual-use” biological applications. Is the COVID-19 pandemic an example of this and how can a dual-virus program really have more than one intended use? Is this going on in your area as well as Wuhan?

SH ~ China has not been transparent in relation to COVID-19 in remaining oppositional to an independent inquiry regarding the origins of this pandemic and the initial spread of the disease. An example is their threat of economic ramifications (made by Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Geng Shuang) if the Australian government continues to pursue such an inquiry. It is very much the responsibility of and in the best interest of China to cooperate with the international community on understanding where COVID-19 came from and hence how to prevent another of these pandemics in the future. By cooperating, they can then prove the world wrong if this allegation is not true. Their resistance may be an indication that they indeed have something to hide as to how this pandemic started; if they have no concerns in this regard then they will be happy to cooperate with the International community on a transparent and independent inquiry.

Salih Hudayar

Prime Minister Salih Hudayar calling attention to the cause – used w/ permission

RB ~ What is the one major, most salient point you’d like to make about the people of East Turkistan and their plight with China, and their desire for peace and inclusion in the world community?

SH ~ The Uyghurs and other Turkic peoples are the indigenous peoples of East Turkistan and have a uniquely Turkic heritage in identifying as a majority Muslim nation. They have sought to live in their motherland in recognition of this unique identity in a peaceful, progressive, and productive way, including the promotion of women’s rights to participate equally in every area of their economy. Even after colonialization and loss of their independence as a result of China’s occupation in 1949, Uyghurs tried to coexist with the Chinese by contributing to economic prosperity, research, and culture. Unfortunately, China and its CCP has catastrophically rejected this concept and have exploited this good faith of, initially denying the of rights such as banning Uyghur and other Turkic language being taught in all educational institutions, and continually forced them through thought transformation, torture to deny their own culture and become Han Chinese. This has more recently escalated into the current genocide of Uyghurs and other Turkic people who are currently being eliminated on mass despite any cooperation with China and its CCP. East Turkistan’s people are ruthlessly suppressed by China from engaging with the international community at large in order to serve the interests only of China. Ultimately, restoring East Turkistan’s independence is the only way to truly safeguard and preserve the existence, human rights, and basic freedoms of East Turkistan’s people.

RB ~ And on that point, what do the people of East Turkistan have to offer the world?

SH ~ East Turkistan is a resource-rich country creating opportunities in industries such as Agriculture, Raw Materials, Logistics, Manufacturing, and Energy & Mineral Resources, among others. Uyghurs being the indigenous peoples of this land, being intrinsically natured progressively towards economic development and engagement with the international community, are best placed to grow these industries with many nations around the world. China has exploited this having taken control of these resources through colonization of East Turkistan. Further, through the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI, China controls the international trade of these resources primarily for their own economic prosperity, not enabling the free trade of these industries with the rest of the world. Further to this, the Uyghurs and other Turkic peoples of East Turkistan have great capacity to contribute in a collaborative and open way to research in many areas including economics, sciences, and social development. By enabling Uyghurs and other Turkic peoples to practice their own unique culture it will contribute to the enhancement of the arts and culture in sharing their culture and also understanding better the culture of other nations, encouraging multiculturalism and inclusion of all other nations, religions, and cultures.

RB ~ In today’s world of COVID-19, our own collapsing economy, upcoming elections, growing socialism in America, ongoing terrorist threats, and more, why should Americans be concerned about a small country they never heard of?

SH ~ If the Uyghurs and other Turkic people regain their independence and can live freely, as is their right being the indigenous peoples of East Turkistan, they would be willing and have a great capacity to engage in trade with other nations including the US for the economic benefit of both countries. In recognition of the current economic challenges the US face it would be in the national interest of both nations to work together to create strong economic ties to build up both economies through free trade of East Turkistan’s rich resources and industries. For this to occur, East Turkistan urgently needs the support of the US and the Free World to regain its independence and freedom. Unfortunately, at the current rate of genocide largely unchecked by the world due to the devastating effects of COVID-19, the Uyghur and Turkic people of East Turkistan are at grave risk of extinction in their homeland making such a proposition impossible and forcing the US to depend on China and negotiate with them for the distribution of the rich resources in East Turkistan. Through COVID-19 China has demonstrated it will only act in its own national interest, economically and politically, an example of which is stockpiling medical supplies including from Australia while covering up the initial dangers of the spread to the rest of the world. For China and its CCP to succeed in this genocide of Uyghurs and other Turkic peoples in East Turkistan without any challenges from the rest of the world including the US, will only be the beginning for China, who would seek to use their influence and growing economic prosperity to grow further beyond East Turkistan. In demonstrating their growing totalitarianism and nationalism, China will not tolerate other nation’s diversity or freedoms. The people of East Turkistan shares the concerns of America’s economy surviving in prosperity the COVID-19 pandemic as they seek to grow their own nation with the same values of cultural freedom, and freedom of trade economically beneficial to both nations. For the US not to act urgently in East Turkistan to stop this genocide, it may lead to the extinction of Uyghurs. During these very challenging times of COVID-19 this will also contribute to the economic rise of China through barbarian totalitarianism, and this could also have devastating implications for the world order, who needs the US to remain the number one economy in the world as the holder of freedom values and democracy.

RB ~ And what can Americans do to be more aware, and to even help in some way – in any way?

SH ~ Americans can visit the websites of the East Turkistan Government in Exile and the East Turkistan National Awakening Movement to learn more about the situation in East Turkistan. We also encourage them to follow us on social media, especially Facebook and Twitter which can be directly found on our websites. We always welcome volunteers to help with spreading awareness and organizing events. We encourage every American to write to their members of the US Congress and call on them to recognize China’s atrocities as a genocide along with recognizing East Turkistan as an Occupied country. Last but not least, we always accept donations as it will help fund our overall advocacy work across the United States.

[RB ~ Yes, I’d like to restate that the simple and easiest way to aid in this cause is to take a minute, and drop an email or make a call to your members of Congress telling them to recognize and support legislation and policies that are positive for the freeing of East Turkistan and the condemning of China for its inhumane treatments. If you need contact info for your congressional members, it’s easily available on the FreedomMail.us site under Contacts/Resources.]

RB ~ Any final points you’d like to highlight about this geographic, populational human tragedy?

SH ~ Despite having vowed ‘Never Again’ following the Holocaust of the millions of Jews and others, the world continues to remain silent to a Holocaust like genocide in the 21st century. It’s crucial that humanity comes together to push back against China and stop its overall crimes against all of humanity not just East Turkistan before it is too late.

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Our sincere thanks to the Prime Minister for his time and friendship during this process of alerting the world to the atrocities happening in his home country. Everyone should take these oppressive activities as a warning of what could happen elsewhere if they are ignored and allowed to happen.

For more information on the ETGE visit their site: https://east-turkistan.net/  or the UNPO: https://nationalawakening.org/

Salih Hudayar is an Uyghur American activist born in East Turkistan and raised in Oklahoma. He is the Founder of the East Turkistan National Awakening Movement (ETNAM). He was recently elected as the Prime Minister of the East Turkistan Government-in-Exile (ETGE)  in November 2019 and is currently pursuing a Masters in National Security Studies at the American Military University. You can follow him on Twitter @SalihHudayar.

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