With the election of Donald Trump in 2016, came enormous opportunities. Ones to make a difference in our futures and a the chance save our republic – even from itself. For while a president has the opportunity to perform many duties in areas requiring his attention, one of the most important is the selection of Supreme Court Justices. Not every president has this opportunity to leave his personal mark on America’s history, but it’s outcome with an effect on the country for generations – far beyond the term of any one president.

President Trump successfully filled the immediate opening with Justice Neil M. Gorsuch. A justice with America’s values and a strong constitutional foundation. In Judge Kavanaugh, it appears, President Trump has someone who can be counted on to be a true conservative. Time will reveal the truth on this selection, but the ramifications of Trump’s choices could ring freedom’s resounding bell for generations.

The important point is that President Trump needs senators; not only in numbers, but in dedication to his, and the country’s, cause of freedom. Appointments designed to interpret the law according to the constitution, not create law according to some personal or political bias.

Such a senator to support the president might very well be Arizona’s candidate for the 2018 midterms, Dr Kelli Ward.

President Trump Needs Dr. Kelli Ward

Dr. Ward brings a quality of proven community service not always found in a candidate; having served the public as a practicing physician and also as public servant in the AZ state House of Representatives. As Dr Ward has said, ” I know that I can do more to advance the ideas of freedom and liberty so eloquently described in our founding documents, which is why I’ve decided to run for the U.S. Senate.” It was with anticipation and pleasure we had this opportunity to spend some time with Dr. Ward about her candidacy.  Here is part 2 of our series with various links to Dr. Ward’s YouTube videos for more information.

Photos courtesy of Kelli Ward for Senate committee

RB – What possess people like Schumer, Pelosi, and even some republicans to hold such anti-American views that fight against the very things they were elected to achieve? And what will change their destructive approach to governance?

KW – Democrats today seem almost ashamed to be Americans, having accepted the liberal narrative that America is part of what is wrong with the world. And it is not just President Trump that prompted this shift on the part of the Democrats – from President Obama’s disastrous “lead from behind” strategy to Secretary Clinton abandoning our greatest ally, Israel, the Democrats seem determined to cede American interests however they can.

RB – What can a freshman senator do to fit in quickly and effect change in the current direction of ignorance or non-compliance with things like Uranium One, Clinton Foundation and email scandals. And things like healthcare which are of paramount importance to this country but on such a backburner as far as congress seems concerned… they don’t even exist in light of everything else going on with leaks and lies and collusion and all?

KW – A big part of the solution here is simply making the effort to treat issues like Uranium One and the Clinton Foundation scandals seriously, regardless of whether that is unpopular with the career politicians or not. That is precisely what I intend to do. It is also critically important that we do not became complacent now that the individual mandate has been repealed. Some of my key policy passions include repealing Obamacare, providing veterans the highest standard of care, jumpstarting the economy, securing our borders and building the wall, getting federal debt under control, protecting our religious heritage, further simplifying the tax code, and maintaining a strong military.

RB – What bought the country to such a state of divisiveness, and what will heal the racial, social and political strife?

KW – President Obama and the far left have recently embraced in full the misguided notion that America is a racist, sexist, undemocratic country based in, and perpetuated through, oppression. As part of this worldview, identity politics has exploded in popularity, in the process increasing the division and conflict between racial and gender groups. Rather than fixating on what makes us different, we should instead focus on what unites us.

Kelli Ward supports our Law Enforcement. Photos courtesy of Ward for Senate committee

RB – In interviewing numerous top intelligence and law enforcement officials, the same concepts keep coming out for America’s social problems. Was Obama’s 8 years that influencing or was the timing right for America to head down a path of socialism and immorality?

KW – The Obama administration unfortunately coincided in many ways with the rapid expansion of a liberal, anti-American worldview on college campuses across the country. So, not only was Obama pushing far left policies at the federal level, activists and students have been increasingly primed to accept and support such policies over the last few decades.

RB – In your opinion, what’s the most pressing issue in America right now?

KW – Securing our borders. Whether it is stopping gang violence, human trafficking, or drug trafficking, or addressing the opioid crisis, limiting burdens on social welfare systems, or protecting our Border Patrol agents, I stand fully behind President Trump’s promise to build the wall and secure our southern border.

RB – What are voters in Arizona and around the country to do to get the dead wood out of congress and make a real change? Many have almost given up on their vote counting for anything?

KW – I know it can be disheartening to see coastal elites and the professional political class constantly working against average Americans, but the simple truth is that we need voters to keep fighting for what they believe in if we are going to win. I am counting on Arizonans tired of the status quo to show up to the polls and help me win the primary on August 28. It is only with the hard work and determination of these voters that we can ever hope to reclaim Congress, scale back a bloated federal government, and restore personal responsibility to American life.

RB – What can Arizona citizens do to help with your campaign? How can they get involved?

KW – For voters looking to help with our campaign, we are always looking for new volunteers to help at our campaign headquarters and around the state, from reaching out to prospective voters to attending official campaign events. Those interested in volunteering can contact Sam@kelliward.com. Voters can also follow us on Twitter at @KelliWardAZ and on Facebook at @KelliWardAZ to stay up to date on all the latest news and events.

RB – What would be your important, closing thoughts on Dr. Ward  in the U.S. Senate that help people to know you and your passion for the country?

Photos courtesy of Kelli Ward for Senate committee

KW – Perhaps most importantly, I am the only wife, mom, business owner, problem-solver, and trained healer in the race. I will always be honest, authentic, and accessible, and will continue to build relationships with those I represent so we can enjoy government of, for, and by the people.

Our thanks to Dr. Ward for taking time to articulate her views in such an important midterm election year; possibly one of the most important of our time. We thank Dr. Ward for her specific plans for Washington and her strong desire to work with the President.

Again, for those seeking to help with her campaign, contact Sam@kelliward.com. Voters can also follow her on Twitter at @KelliWardAZ and on Facebook at @KelliWardAZ to stay up to date on all the latest news and events.


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