Kevin Jackson is a nationally recognized rising star among young conservative thinkers, writers, and political commentators. A Fellow at the Robert J. Dole Institute of Politics, Kevin is a highly sought-after speaker who offers a rare blend of intellect and humor. We thank him for the opportunity to discuss his views on America and our current players in the race game.

Kevin is a father, author, and conservative talk-radio host of “The Black Sphere.” He’s authored the bestselling book The BIG Black Lie and takes a no holds barred approach to politics and current race relations in this country. His latest book, Race-Pimping, exposes the tactics of the Left to fleece America. Called the “valedictorian of the graduating class of political pundits” and “the most fearless man in politics”, Jackson tackles the race-pimping head on.

“Everybody knows that race relations have gone in the toilet since Obama took over,” says Jackson. Race-pimping has cost America TRILLIONS of dollars, as there is fantastic amounts of money in guilt. Politicians line their pockets and those of family and friends, while delivering little to nothing to their constituents or the community at large.

Part II

RB – Kevin, there’s a word we hear more and more, not from a historical perspective, but from a blaming, guilt producing, justification standpoint. That is slavery. All races had slaves, whites, blacks, Muslims, Asians, everyone. Blacks participated in their own slavery as much as the white ship owners who brought them here and sold them. It’s a spot on our history but it happened in every country and still does – except in America. Simply, why do so many in our modern day society continue to live in those times and fall back on the practice as a crutch for their own lack of achievement, and supporting and promoting their hatred for whites who had nothing do to with the practices of the past?

KJ – Simply, slavery is the catchall for Liberalism. The Pavlovian cry of the Left, and black Liberals salivate at the call. It’s what I discuss humorously in my book, Race Pimping.

RB – Is there such a self-promoting, self-preservation mindset of hatred that liberals are willing to say and do anything for their own misguided causes? Ferguson police released a security video showing Michael Brown stealing from a convenience store and assaulting the store’s owner. MSNBC’s Al Sharpton said, “First of all, this is the young man, y’all quit trying to exaggerate. That was shoplifting, not robbery.” [“shoplifting” from a thug who later attacked a police officer to do harm.]

During Katrina, leftist Celine Dion said we should “understand” criminals “Oh, they’re stealing 20 pair of jeans or they’re stealing television sets. Who cares? They’re not going to go too far with it. Maybe those people are so poor, that they’ve never touched anything in their lives. Let them touch those things for once.”

Have we all gone so insane that we’ve lost right from wrong, legal from illegal? This seems to be the basis from which many run, or excuse their lives.

KJ – The Michael Brown case showcased the true moral degradation of Liberalism. Excuses for theft. Excuses for attacking a cop merely doing his job. Excuses for the black (Liberal) condition, the blame going everywhere, except where it truly belongs.

RB – The word “mantra” has its roots in Hinduism and Buddhism; a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation. And yet today, from a base of peacefulness to a platform for violence, we seem to develop them for repeatedly showing ignorance. We move from mantra to mantra as the societal needs strike us and the slogan of today seems to be “black lives matter.” Of course black lives matter, white lives matter, red and yellow lives matter but groups are now forcing us to apologize when we say “all lives matter.” As if the black lives are superior above all others and therefore deserving of special consideration, forgiveness, recognition, forgetting that every life, every situation, every detail is different and a simple slogan does not cloak our lives.

I wonder when I see whites pretending to be black for personal gain or so many white people joining in black movements, raising their hands and marching, chanting death to cops. Are these just misguided people looking to belong? Do they really research and understand what they’re saying? Are they so insecure in life they need a cause – any cause – to justify their own existence? Bottom line: How do we raise the level of responsible intelligence to where people should live free, fun and productive lives and not always be out marching, screaming, destroying while “wanting something” or “getting what they deserve?”

KJ – Whites pretending to be black and partial-whites taking on “blackness” is a version of Stockholm Syndrome. Whites today are captive to political correctness that has most of them castrated, and not just the men. So in order to make sense of it, many whites (Liberals) develop the syndrome of “understanding” the position of nutty black Liberals. It’s an attempt to appear tolerant, while simultaneously knowing the inherent intolerance of the cause. ALL lives matter, and I place no value of one life over another, based on color. We might do this based on CHARACTER, e.g. I place the life of Dr. King firmly over that of Ted Bundy. But without knowing their character, they are equal, which is all the Constitution and God ordain. The only way to fight it, is to recognize it, and NOT ALLOW IT! My team ridiculed Dolezal, Sean King, Elizabeth Warren, and there are MANY others faking their ethnicity. Look at the “color” of blacks and you will see many who are more white than black, but “passing” as they said in the old days. Nowadays, passing for black gets you more than passing for white. Consider that irony, as you contemplate #BlackLivesMatter.

RB – On a similar topic, author Marc Lamont Hill claimed police killed an unarmed black individual “every 28 hours.” (referencing a report issued by the Malcolm X’s Grassroots Movement). How do these lies get started and why are they allowed to continue? Where are the Will Smiths, Jamie Fox’s, Danny Glovers and Denzel Washingtons of the world, why do they not look out for their own race in combating these lies – what’s their motivation for allowing these lies to go unchallenged or are they just anxious to stay out of the line of fire and live their lives? They possess a powerful voice for truth and yet many times either seem to ignore the conversation or actively participate in it on the wrong side of reality.

Through your own shows you’ve tried to raise the level of black life, to raise the awareness of truth and reality, and make a difference in separating the fact from factitious and striving to enlighten people to reality and opportunities. Are you making headway?

KJ – Hill’s comments were made even more ridiculous when I got him to admit that these were criminals being shot. As for black Hollyweirdos speaking out, don’t hold your breath. These black racists make crazy money from white people, are around white people all day, and then become politically ethnocentrically black to their core. Sellouts all of them. If they are about black, then stop taking the white man’s money. As for me, yes, I’m making headway. One death threat a week, and people recognizing me walking through airports says my message is getting out there.

From Kevin’s latest book, Race-Pimping, on Marc Lamont Hill:
“Without Race-Pimping, Marc Lamont Hill would be an unknown professor at some Historically Black College. Race-Pimping built Hill’s career, and it can build yours too!”

RB – With the success of “The Black Sphere” and recent exciting changes in your USA Radio Networks, what new opportunities and challenges do you see for spreading the truth, not just for the black community but for America?

KJ – The challenge is expanding my voice, and empowering all races to recognize the lies. I believe God is opening doors every day, and I happily (most of the time) walk through them.

RB – Does Kevin at this point want to step out and proclaim a favorite candidate for next year or are you holding that in reserve for more information and revelations?

KJ – I like most of our candidates, and I’m for the winner. I have friends and acquaintances in the race, so no predictions. They all have qualities I like, and some I don’t. But in comparison to the Leftists, I’d take my mechanic over those old white racist men on the Left, and yes, I include Hillary in that statement. {chuckle}

RB – In closing, what will be the fate of black America after the next election and in the years to come? Will there be a realization they’ve been used by the Democratic community as Lyndon Johnson said? Or will they and all America wake up to the fact that we’ve all been duped for government’s illicit purposes?

KJ – I wish I could say that black people will have awakened in this election, but it won’t happen. We are at least 10 years from undoing the mass hypnosis done on the black community, and that’s if we control the institutions of ignorance that got them there. But we can make a significant dent.

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