Recently we were exposed to Obama’s perception, or delusion, of the State of the Union. This article as well as Part 1 deals more with the REAL State of the Union as experienced by real people who are, or should be, realizing the controlling, threatening, dictatorial thuggery of Chicago politics emanating from the hallowed halls of our own capital.

I’m increasingly suspect of the news pouring with much “enthusiast glibbery” from the White House or Washington in general. Job numbers manipulated; laws passed without being read; others blatantly broken and covered up with denial, lies and misdirection; leaders deceive us making decisions based on their personal weaknesses of power, greed and wantonness. Money is irresponsibly borrowed, spent and wasted with disregard to our future and the consequences. All of this leads not to a state of the union which is relaxed and productive – or real.

The REAL State of the Union for me is what down to earth, real intelligent people around the country and the world really experience and think about our country in two main areas: Our ability to productively work and produce, and to live free without intrusion and authoritarian loss of rights and much valued freedoms. These make up the REAL state of the union in my mind. When these work, we see a truly efficient working population, happier and all functioning together for the good of themselves, each other and with the country as the ultimate beneficiary.

Again, I’m blessed to have input from some valued friends and professionals. People with “real life” insight into the issues that shape our current world, and who possess governmental, business, financial and religious foundations and awareness of the circumstances we find ourselves faced with.

· Bernie Finn:
Parliament of Victoria, Australia
Member of the Legislative Council · Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

· Dorina Lanza:
CEO of White Tiger Group, LLC
Strategy and International Business Consultant, Business Mentor, and Speaker
Adjunct Faculty Northeastern University School of Business and Department of Mathematics
MBA in Strategic Planning and International Business
PhD Candidate in Applied Mathematics at Northeastern University

· Erik Rush:
Columnist and speaker
FOX Contributor
Author – “Negrophilia: From Slave Block to Pedestal ~ America’s Racial Obsession,”

· Todd Feinburg:
Tufts University graduate in political science
Evening, late morning and most recently morning drive time talk radio host on WRKO in Boston
Named three times to Talkers Magazine’s “Top 100 Most Important Talk Hosts in America”

With the insight and opinions of these valued contributors, I present the following to see if we’re really living the American dream or just dreaming of an America once great, now being lost. Each answer is their own rational and poignant opinion, quoted exactly as presented by them.

Part 2 –

4) Where do you feel we are in the area of national security as it relates to economic, social and military factors?

Bernie: “The role of the US has long been for the good of peace in the world. Wherever freedom has been under threat, America has more often than not stepped in on the side of liberty. With the debt crisis and an administration that undervalues the US defense forces, that role may well be under threat itself. Without a strong US, the future of the Free World is bleak.”

Dorina: “Economic and social national security are not real concepts. They are empty phrases. Military national security has been misguided since 1946. We should not be saving the world. And, the US has no business kowtowing to the whims of all of the wackos out there. It is an embarrassment and a massive show of weakness. We should be defending US citizens.”

Erik: “The attacks on September 11, 2001 were a great example of how threats to our national security can harm the economy. This administration has substantially compromised our national security, so it’s only a matter of time before another event or series of events begins to have even more serious effects.”

Todd: “With national security, we tend to talk about areas such as Libya and Syria and the more conventional methods of war, when threats and the potential of threats are more to do with our systems and internet. Chinese hackers are running wide in our systems and our power grid, financial and defense systems are at risk. Banking could see problems along with personal information – that’s the future of real warfare. Military muscle of the future will be dealing with hackers rather than bombers. In general we’re facing future technology wars rather than conventional wars of the past. The military is bloated and over funded and needs to be pared down to become more efficient and faster to respond and able to fight differently. Washington is fearful of not spending its money and the military is part of it. Power structures live and benefit from the status quo and change is not desired by those in power.”

5) What do you suggest and how do you feel about our REAL short and long term future as a free country, economic powerhouse in the world, and a beacon for real growth and potential?

Bernie: “It goes without saying that the killing of almost 56 million American children over the past 40 years is strongly indicative of a deep national moral malaise. Many Americans are fighting to turn this around, as shown by the over half a million people marching thru DC, but the fact remains the current President is the most overtly promoter of abortion to ever hold that office and there is no end to this mass slaughter coming anytime soon. As Blessed John Paul said when Pope, “Any nation that kills its own children has no future.” Difficult to argue with that!

I am desperately keen to see a strong USA leading from the front but fear those days might be rapidly coming to an end.”

Dorina: “There are only two suggestions that are compelling enough to include in this short essay. First, our mental horizons, beyond which we cannot see, project, predict, or calculate, need to keep expanding in the same way the science of weather prediction keeps pushing forecasts to be more reliable and further out in the future. Those horizons control our rate of progress.

The second recommendation is to take every single action necessary to preserve liberty within society. Freedom has been a critical enabling factor in the success of our past and present society. There is reason to believe that it will continue to be the most important factor in the success of our society. So accept no limitations on nor substitutes for liberty. “

Erik: “Being a person of faith, I have to remind myself and others that all this isn’t ultimately in our hands. That said, I think that things will continue to decline as long as this administration is in power. Unless we come to a realization as a nation that the policies of the left are singularly destructive and reverse course, it will continue even beyond that. If Obama and the soft socialists in our government (some of whom are in the GOP, by the way) are allowed to continue this evolution toward their oligarchical collectivist model, then America’s days as a dominant economic concern are over.”

Todd: “We have potential, but whether we can save the country from expansion of government and reckless overspending as a form of paying voters is suspect. We’ve been so corrupt, we’re a replicate of the old soviet union (ineffective, and can’t respond quickly to changes and needs). Potentially we’re going to crash and burn in some in some manner. Possibly revolution, in one form or another, hopefully nonviolent. We are the titanic, we can see the iceberg but the people in authority are too happy with the course to make changes. People who ran GM knew it was going to implode but from the penthouse you have your retirement package and the perks and you go on… living well and everything is fine for you, so why stir the pot. People running this won’t tell you the truth any more. People take theirs and go off somewhere and leave the problems for everyone else because they’re ok…everything else is other people’s long term problem.”

6) If an amount of fraud and deception happened within our recent electoral process, is there now an irreversible long term harm to our union, and the trust we must have in our governing bodies?

Bernie: [Being a citizen and resident of Australia, Bernie felt his firsthand knowledge of this was inadequate to answer.]

Dorina: “No. Voter fraud and deception has been going on for 238 years. It is nothing new. When people want accurate elections they will get them. We have the technology for secure, anonymous, and verifiable voting. The fact that we don’t use that technology is because “we” don’t want secure, anonymous, and verifiable voting. The technical definition of trust is “the condition necessary for betrayal.” Our citizens prefer ignorant trust to informed reliability.”

Erik: “Yes. Definitely. As with so much of what has gone on in this administration, there was ample evidence to investigate the practices in the 2012 general election, but it was not done, due to the complicity of the press and cowardice on the part of Obama’s political opponents.”

Todd: “Yes and it’s been that way – it’s just become more visible to us. If you look at people like Al Franken, his seat was taken by political shenanigans. Ted Stevens was removed from office in Alaska by corrupt prosecutors. But these sorts of corrupt games aren’t new. The Jack Kennedy election was bought, with people going around with suitcases of cash buying votes using Joe Kennedy’s money. It’s a well-known part of our culture, yet Americans have such an ingrained sense of the goodness and integrity of our country that they don’t put two and two together. The stories we hear about Chicago politics, or stolen millions in New Orleans, or dead people voting – they’re assumed to be anomalies. The word corrupt, in the mind of most voters, describes other, undeveloped societies. Not us.”


Through these writings and views of others in my circle, I’d like to say that I was looking forward to a more positive expression. But I fear that the reality of America may well be staring us in the mirror, for we are seeing ourselves diminishing in the world, our future reflected in our own apathy. With a lessoning of regulation and invasion of our personal and business lives; with a return to morals, values and real authentic governance, without racial or class warfare, then the REAL state of our union would be improved… but alas, consider that it’s not to be for at least the next four year and possibly a generation or more.

Unlike many talk show hosts and others who are either blind, or feel some sort of “courtesy” respect and allegiance to the president, I don’t. Since before his first term when running for office, my personal research and consideration of his background, upbringing, family, social and educational mentors revealed a disturbing pattern of hatred for America and our way of life. His own social actions and words in his books show this distaste for American life and capitalism, and alleges our domination of countries throughout history, stripping away their wealth and resources. People should have paid more attention to that comment to Joe the plumber. The Socialist concept of “redistribute the wealth” is coming back to haunt us in spades.

I truly see this man as having an agenda, a goal to, as he said “fundamentally change America” and I don’t like it and I’m not going along with it. You don’t radically change something that has worked pretty well and has been a beacon of freedom and opportunity for over 200 years – unless you have other goals.

It’s time that America woke up – at least the 49% that aren’t living off the government teat and making their own way in life. Start fighting to regain our country from the strangle hold we’re experiencing from the weight of supporting the 51% and the overbearing governing elected. We can’t continue down the path of destruction we’re on. We can’t nor should we live under the rule of one man’s misguided obsession for our country. We can’t sustain this insufferable debt. We can’t continue to live governed by unpatriotic, selfish people out for their own personal good but not for the country they serve. We can’t continue to have oppressed people living under threat of excessive taxation, over regulation, loss of God given rights and religious freedoms. Dare I say tyranny?

Even though Bernie lives and works in Australia, his grasp of our future may be most foretelling: “In a nutshell, it seems the United States is in an advanced state of decay on a number of fronts. I am desperately keen to see a strong USA leading from the front but fear those days might be rapidly coming to an end.”

God bless each of you and God bless the REAL America.



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