This week we saw the continuing transformation of America. We saw the installation of a failed incompetent whose mission is social justice for some, overbearance on others. Will he become even more dictatorial? More tyrannical? Will we continue down this road of government and private interconnection whose intertwining control and support was never meant to be? What anti-American, anti-privacy, anti-rights, “anti-freedom” sort of actions will take the place in an unrestricted and open society where our only concern should be those enemies abroad, or who’s coming for the neighborhood BBQ on Saturday night?

I’m not a conspiracy guy but there are undeniable actions and trends that are affecting the long term course on which this country is set…contrary to that envisioned by our founding fathers. My previous post gave testament to the founder’s desire for the moral direction of our country and we’re wavering more and more every day from these standards, led by irrational actions and deliberate destructive misguidance.

There are irrefutable facts regarding the insanity that is leading this country toward destruction. I’ve said for several years now that our president has an agenda, desires and goals that are NOT for our best interest. His own father’s hatred for America as a purveyor of colonialism, stealing wealth and impressing its will on countries around the world, started this president on his road of anti-Americanism.

Add to that the mentoring of such influences as racist, pro-Soviet Frank Marshal Davis (an admitted Communist who wrote “Are you with me in my determination to wipe out white supremacy?”), and his early political years with the Socialist organizations of the SDS and the New Party of Chicago all leading to his desire to work with the “social organizing” ACORN. Associations with others such as terrorist William Ayers and Communist connected individuals such as David Axelrod and Valerie Jarrett added to his disdain. All fueled further by the fires of 20 years under the Black Separatist teachings of Rev. Wright.

There have been numerous comparisons of Obama and Hitler and I won’t tender or argue them here but the similarities of their rise to power, public acceptance, timing, the taking of liberties and infiltration of industries and development of social intrusions through the youth and more are undeniable.

The insanity and irrational mindset of this country’s governance is exhibited in virtually every action being undertaken by this administration including the Congress in many areas. I would encourage your consideration of the following:

· How logical financially to continue to drive national debt past $16 Trillion to 17, 19 and $20 Trillion plus, unless you have an agenda to “overwhelm the system,” a dictate of Cloward & Piven, two Socialist Columbia University professors. They sought to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse. Would any reasonable caring family breadwinner already in debt continue to put new TVs, stereos, a car and fancy trips on a credit card already tens of thousands over limit?

· How logical is it to completely, irrevocably alter the world’s best medical care system by forcing people to pay for others’ care (even against their own moral and religious convictions), by driving profits down (the basis of American capitalism) and forcing doctors and hospitals out of their business while “creating impossible demands” adding millions to the list of those needing to be served by those shrinking resources?

· How logical is it to demand that law abiding citizens who never broke anything other than an occasional speeding law, now register guns and restrict their Constitutional rights in favor of trying to control those who couldn’t care less about such laws and will get a gun anytime/anywhere they choose and kill whomever they want? Putting up “Gun Free Zone” signs at schools does as much good as filling Walmart with “No Shoplifting” banners.

· How logical is it for Congress to NOT meet the immediate needs of desperate people after a major natural disaster in favor of adding millions and millions of unneeded wasteful pork projects to a relief bill strictly for personal political gain?

· How logical is it to raise taxes and take even more money away from working people during dire economic times when they need it for food, rent and daily necessities? You wouldn’t unless again, you have agenda that forces more and more people into dependency on the government which, of course, needs more and more money from those working which again reduces available money for spending which drives the whole economy which helps everyone…instead of few. You can see where this cycle of madness is heading.

· How logical for security to be denied ambassadors and personnel when warnings were issued and signs were present that trouble was brewing which resulted in the loss of life and property? And we must remember it was not one but 20 of our embassies and consulates that were attacked in September. Our leaders have advocated all sense and responsibility for their actions to….. I give up, who?

· How logical is it for our “leaders” (and I use that term VERY loosely) to not only lie to the America public about the violence perpetrated on our diplomatic personnel but to NOT ask the right questions? To allow lies of web videos, and statements of “I don’t know” to dominate when real accounts and facts are swept under a Persian carpet somewhere? Where are the dedicated experienced leaders, the patriots that should be getting to the truth, demanding answers and assigning responsibility?

· How logical is it for a president whose job it is to protect us, to be a uniter/a leader of all people, to continually divide us by race and by class? To demonize those who are successful and in fact ultimately make better lives for everyone? To drive social wedges of hate, envy and condemnation and pit one group against another? Again unless… there are other agendas.

· How logical is it for a president, and the chief law enforcement officer to give weapons to foreign drugs dealers and murderers, allow the killing of thousands of Mexicans, including a US Border Patrol officer, and then deny responsibility and truths by covering and protecting each other and then… an executive order?
This list of irrational behavioral traits and actions could fill many pages but the point being… we have people running the country that for whatever reasons are NOT operating with the country’s best interest at heart. They are NOT making decisions based on logic and reason. They are NOT looking out for our future when national security is at risk from within our own borders to our overseas operations.

At what point do we start to stand and be counted? Should we contribute and make a difference vs. leading lives of acceptance and passive indifference? If we as Americans truly want to live free and enjoy what I term as “life, liberty and the happiness of pursuit”, when do we take up peaceful arms of resistance and opposition to battle a growing tyranny seeking total control?

Yes I said “happiness of pursuit” because there is a happiness in pursuing accomplishments, personal goals, and achievements which are part of leading productive lives – something which is becoming harder and harder because of an irrational destructive leadership. And then, having done such, we find, enjoy and appreciate the happiness we have pursued.

This week saw the ushering in of a more arrogant, divisive, defensive president, a man who warned us four years ago, is leading the transformation of America. But why transform the greatest country on earth? And, why think you’re the one to do it? For when you attempt to transform this established and proven governing structure, you only succeed to destroy it. This county has weathered many storms in 200 plus years and can only be made better through quality concerned dedicated leadership in concert with its citizenry– not independent irrational and destructive actions.

We’re being led by people who hide the actualities of Fast & Furious, who deny knowledge of Benghazi, who pass blame for economic times and mistakes. They forsake the responsibilities of their posts creating fiscal gymnastics while obfuscating their pecuniary duties. They promote illogical and unconstitutional changes to our lives, and who attempt to make equal that which is not guaranteed nor intended. We have foxes hiding behind wolves protected by lions who are ignored by ignorant blind farmers while the chickens suffer.

Everyone needs to ask themselves what they are willing to do to save our country. What part do they play in the recovery of freedoms, rights and their own personal pursuit of happiness? What is their contribution to a better way of life and a freer society? I hope mine is writing a small article with fun, facts and foolery and your feedback is always appreciated.

God help us through the next week, month and upcoming four years of potential oppression, racism, distrust and control.

In our next visits, we’re going to be looking at taxes, the oppressive factor, and the “Real State of the Union”: What normal people think about where we are in our daily lives and individual pursuits – not the meandering creative proliferation of Washington based political pontifications of positively pretentious pomposity.



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