Continuing our discussion with Suzanne Shattuck, we look at some truths about Islam and the politics of America.

She speaks of views, ideas and ideals that aligned with mine, and I find her to be an exceptional lady of great experience with a strong love for this country, life and putting forth the truth.

This is part 2 of 2 segments discussing the important considerations of our time and where America might, or might not be headed…. And what can we do about it.

RB –  It’s a shame that our lives are so consumed with politics. It used to be you could go days or weeks not worried about who was president or what congress was or wasn’t doing or national security issues. Now it’s an hourly thing for many discussing who wire tapped who, how’s the vote going in congress or will taxes go down, the border be secured or how many Muslims are coming in from unstable countries of war?

SS –  Exactly! And I would much rather be spending my days decorating, gardening, playing sports, hiking and on and on. Like I tell others, this is not what I want to be doing. It is not easy putting your name and your non-PC beliefs out there. Especially now when there are serious repercussions for doing so. Look at Tim Allen and what happened with his perfectly good show.

RB –   Going back to the military subject, you had some emphatic thoughts on General Mattis. Think it was a onetime comment about killing the ISIS leader, possibly misspoken, or some underlying philosophy that might prevent his long term success?

SS –  I believe General Mattis politically aligns himself with “Obama like” people. He is more than likely a Democrat. If you look at who he wanted to name as his deputy secretary, a woman named Anne Patterson, an Obama ambassador to Egypt who backed the Muslim Brotherhood’s Morsi. If that wasn’t bad enough, he wanted to name Michele Flournoy to that same post as well. She was Hillary’s pick for Secretary of Defense had she gotten into office. I don’t doubt his military prowess, but seriously don’t think he understands who he is fighting and why they fight.

RB –  On your show I finally heard a reasonable, factual parallel opinion to mine about Islamic terrorism. That being that it’s not Radical Islam that’s the problem, it’s Islam itself. I mean really… a 6th / 7th century “religion” founded by a prophet who married a 9 year old, who promotes violence, polygamy, murder and torture. The two things that bother me are 1) all Muslims ascribe to the Qur’an and yes some claim to be peaceful while the same book tells others to lie, kill infidels and rewrite history at will. Not logical. And 2) With all the evil, killing and world destruction I keep wondering where the leaders are standing up and denouncing this viciousness. In my book, if you don’t speak out against atrocities, you’re part of the problem.

SS –  I’ll simply agree with you here. Nothing has changed in the Koran for 1400 years. They follow the same doctrine and the same prophet, Mohammad. Muslims have never been told they can pick and choose how they live their lives. Their lives must model Mohammad. In Christianity, you have the Old and New Testament. Christians live in the New Testament times, and Jesus didn’t encourage violence, sexual perversion, polygamy, rape, torture, etc. He instead encouraged forgiveness, love, and mercy. Islam is the only “religion” I know of that rewards paradise to those who murder.

[ RB – As a follow up to that, I heard recently that Christians follow Christ in their actions, thoughts and with a desire to be like him. Muslims are doing the same following their god, their leader, to be more like him and that includes everything they’re doing to destroy the world. ]

RB –  In their own words,  (Qur’an 3:54) “And they (the unbelievers) planned to deceive, and Allah planned to deceive (the unbelievers), and Allah is the best of deceivers.”  And Qur’an 8:30,  “And (remember) when the unbelievers plotted deception against you (O Muhammad), to imprison you, or kill you, or expel you. They plotted deception, but Allah also plotted deception; and Allah is the best of deceivers.” Quite a basis for a ”loving” “peaceful” “truthful” religion.

SS – You hit on one of their main modus operandi, lying or takiya. The Muslim Brotherhood front groups like Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), thrives on deception to the point of denying they are linked with the terrorist group HAMAS. This is well documented and even in the Holy Land Foundation documents entered into public record. In addition, there are many open sourced materials that link them, but the heads of these groups deny it openly in the face of facts.

RB –  I think Americans need to wake up to the facts, the truth, the threats of Islam as it’s not a foreign religion but a threat right here on our own shores perpetrated and promoted by one Barak Hussein Obama. Trump’s desire to better vet those coming here is a natural link in our protective chain of entrance into this country. And a better vetting of those already in our government needs to take place as well. With your work with several national security groups, have you seen an understanding of the problems and a commitment to better protecting this country?

SS – I think for the sake of Western Civilization, Islam needs to be declared as more of a political ideology more than a religion as it is a complete way of life. And, come to think of it, I would probably not even quantify it as a religion because it is more like a cult. The very fact that we sanction it as a religion gives it a protected status in our country because of the wording of our Constitution. I take a more rigid and unforgiving stance on the supposed “vetting” of Muslim refugees and immigrants into this country. There really is no way to vet an individual who harbors a political ideology in opposition to our Constitution.  If there were no other place in the world that these individuals could go it may be a different story because of the humanitarian aspect, but there are plenty of other Islamic countries for these people to go to instead of America. If you want to keep America… America, then Islamic immigration of any kind must cease. It is for the survival of our civilization.

RB –  Trump rose on a wave of discontent, and while he is no Messiah, do you see him as a saver (not savior) of this country from our downward slide? I can’t image what we’d be going through and discussing had Clinton been victorious on Nov 8th.

SS –  While I believe having Trump in office is much better for the country than Hillary, there is still reason for much concern. Although trump seems to be moving in the right directions with the economy and America’s strength on the world stage, he is disappointingly turning away from dealing with the enormous threat on our soil, the Islamic threat. He has tabled the Foreign Terrorist Organization for The Muslim Brotherhood which is extremely worrisome. But, it is evident Trump can turn on a dime and make some bold necessary moves. I hope and pray he does this concerning the designation for the Brotherhood.

RB –  You’ve researched many refugee resettlement issues and immigration in general, and I find it incomprehensible that our previous president would throw open the borders allowing tens of thousands to wonder in only to be taken care of by the taxpayers of this country. They’re housed, fed, given medical treatment, education opportunities and free transportation. What a life. While our elderly suffer and our veterans go unnoticed. Can we not see and acknowledge a subversive agenda to this former social justice madness?

SS – We must get a grip on immigration as a whole, especially immigration through the Refugee Resettlement Program. The Refugee Program is simply a means to destabilize this country just like it did and continues to do in Europe. There is not one good reason for Islamic refugees to come to this country, unless they were leaving Islam, which makes them an apostate and running for their lives. The other Islamic refugees should rightfully go to other Gulf rich countries in the region. The Islamic ideology of Sharia is contrary to our Constitution and therefore should bar them from our country, period. No more discussion should be required.

RB –  With the success of your Red Nation Rising radio program, where do you see the program moving in the future? More impactful, hard hitting topics? More forceful discussion of our growing enemy, Islam? Guests? What are the pressing issues that need to be brought to the forefront with the same deliberate emphasis you brought last week?

SS –  I am starting to have guests on the show and/or tape interviews with people who I think have something to say about this fight we are in, whether it be against Leftist/Progressive/Marxist policies, the Islamic movement or simply people whom I have met that would enrich my listeners lives. I believe we are headed for trying times, but the more we stand and speak truth now, the more people will wake up and join this fight for Liberty. And the more people are educated and willing to stand, the better chance we have at preserving this precious country we have been given.

RB – Where can people go to learn more about Suzanne, her views, projects and proclamations?

SS –


I can’t thank Suzanne enough for taking time and voicing ideas that run through all our minds – but many are hesitant to express. Conservatives may have won the election in the early hours of Nov 9th, but the ultimate success of a Trump presidency is still to be seen, and we continue to fight the destructive progressive ways of liberals.

They are standing in opposition to everything Trump is trying to achieve, wasting time and energy with one Russian dog fight after another, advancing any story or lie to diminish the presidency because “they lost”, and generally developing the largest set of road blocks to any presidency we’ve seen.

The uncontrolled immigration of overwhelming Muslim populations, any continuing advancement of an Obama socialistic society, the onslaught of immigrants from the south needs to stop and soon… or America will become a third world country with problems we can’t even imagine yet.

People need to get involved ensuring local offices are filled with constitutionally minded patriots, working to make sure their state representatives to congress are the best for America, and working to make sure that the presidency will always held by a person (man or woman) that is grounded in the beliefs that America is exceptional, is a beacon of hope for the world and conforms the desires of our freedom seeking founding fathers.