We’ve made a turn in this country. From lead your own life, enjoy your friends and families, be responsible, have fun to… well… I’m not sure.

We’ve entered a period of control and power. A time when “I’m right and you’re wrong and you need to change” is the mantra of the day. Look around and tell me we’re not consumed with everyone’s opinion (valid or not) and they’re trying to trump reason, reality and civility.

Ok, we had slaves in our history and it was not a good thing but hey…. IT WAS YEARS AGO. President Lincoln made his Emancipation Proclamation on Jan 1, 1863 but slavery officially ended – ENDED (make a note) on Dec. 6th, 1865 when the 13th Amendment was ratified. BUT…I still consider that to be 150 years ago. Time enough to move on with your lives, unless of course you need the social crutch of entitlement to justify your lives. I, my family, my friends, no one I know had anything to do with the enslavement of people hundreds of years ago. So I take no responsibility, no guilt, no angst in your color or standing in life.

Never before in our history has the minority voice of groups tried to rule and control the overwhelming will of the majority. The universe has a way of evolving and developing and usually it’s to improve things. And in the realm of race relations we were improving things providing opportunities, education options, job positions and a way of interaction when most Americans don’t even think about race. Racism is something learned and fostered by the presence of those who make their living off of conflict and center their actions against society. And that problem and agenda has been resurrected and pushed from the very top of our current government.

People who constantly “remind us of slavery” and “promote racism” for their personal enrichment are not doing anyone any favors, especially the black community. How’s that Great Society working out for you? How’s the first black president performing for you and your families? GOT JOBS? Your man was elected basically because he was black – not because he was qualified. Since LBJ created the richest entitlement scheme in history, we’ve poured $40,000,000,000,000 plus into poverty. That’s a 40 TRILLION dollar investment – for basically nothing. As Charles Barkley has said, for 50 years we’ve put money out there to help the poor black people… and THEY’RE STILL POOR. And at 13% of the population… they make a lot of noise for a group that could contribute more to society with the opportunities they do have available.

And unlike Rev. King who marched peacefully expressing his views, now they make their verbal and physical statements of poverty, abuse and inequality to the masses through speeches turned into demonstrations turned into riots, turned into murders… any means possible. They want your attention. They want your sympathy. They want your pity and THEY WANT YOUR MONEY. They want their EBT cards, not to buy healthful sustenance for their families but alcohol, snacks, beer, ciggies, wine, pet food et al. Yes, the purpose of “food stamps” is not to buy these things but fact is there’s no way to enforce even the casino purchases occurring- and with your tax money.

Some 47.7 MILLION people use this method of living – not surviving – living. It’s their “food income” and while we all want people to have a safety net, IT’S NOT A HAMMOCK. And not all users are black of course, only about 22% with the balance being white, Asian, Hispanic etc. Add in Aid to Dependent Children, education grants, free medical, free cell phones, housing assistance, transportation benefits and welfare it’s a way of life for many – and they want more. They’re a poor mistreated minority – so give.

One only has to look at the recent Baltimore block party to see how much certain groups in poverty react to their own tax payer supported neighborhoods. Tax payer supported? Yes. Since Barry has come into his throne room with the very large money vault, over $1,800,000,000 (that’s over 1.8 Billion) has been poured into this city for redevelopment. And this city received more in education money per student than just about any city on earth but… one wonders where the money went, what benefit did it really have on people’s lives? Why do they continue to abuse and destroy their own lives?

This all goes to my point – You’re black? Ok, you were born that way and you nor the white guy running the drug store down the street you just burned down had anything to say about it. GET OVER IT. Take responsibility for building a quality life, take advantage of those opportunities out there that depend on personal work and achievement and stop blaming and taking because it will get you nowhere. Don’t like where you’re at? Look across the tracks and strive to better yourselves.

People have to take responsibility for their own lives, their own communities and not impose their plight on others through guilt, intimidation or social regulation. Here’s a thought for the black community. Before taking time to loot and burn, maybe you could spend some time with family. Teach and learn values and STOP HAVING 74% OF YOUR KIDS OUT OF WEDLOCK in fatherless homes. Blacks complain of their lot in life with poverty and yet without an education, without values, without work there is no future and you’re destined for nothingness…. And other people of any race are tired of hearing about it. It’s tough to have sympathy for people of any race who want – but won’t give.

Americans are tired of having their lives run and ruined by the small groups with the loudest megaphone. The gay community used to live in the personal belief of “leave us alone.” That changed when people discovered social justice and decided that making a noise, pushing for agendas and demanding rights was more a goal in life than just living your life in peace. Don’t you all get tired of showing up everywhere and taking your time and money to hassle people who are starting to hate you? I have gay friends. I don’t care about their lives. They don’t care about yours either as they just lead their professional lives, enjoy great dinners out, traveling the world and striving for a peaceful existence. Donning your peacock feathers, parading nude or carrying hateful banners doesn’t appeal to them any more than to the straight community.

People are tired of having their country changed, manipulated, ruled by small groups of flaming, extroverted, tutu wearing, social awareness campaigners. They’d like us to believe that the growing numbers of gay Americans are around 10-11% of the population and deserve “equal treatment” whatever that means. The facts are that in 2014, the National Health Interview Survey came up with only 1.6% of Americans as gay. And most Americans treat them as people, not socially abused freaks. I submit this article for your consideration of the agenda we’re all facing from minorities:


So we’re to change our lives, be forced to perform weddings, bake multi-colored pastries and take man-kissing-man photos for 1.6% of the population – many of which aren’t concerned with your overall embarrassing process of gaydom expression? Normal, religious people are to have their lives ruined, their financial futures and businesses gone for the sake of your flour, sugar and colored-stripped flag draped wedding cake?

Your personal life means nothing to me, how you live, where you live, what you do or where you go. You’re gay, it’s fine. You deserve equal rights but not special rights. The very definition of marriage is between a man and a woman so in your quest for defining your rights to be “married,” you’re not changing the law, you’re attempting to change the dictionary.

Remember the signs “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone”? They may have originally been there to signify the refusal of service to those who were drunk, unruly, or otherwise disrupting a business. But since everyone got into everyone else’s personal and religious lives, it also applies if you want to invade my personal religious beliefs, asking me to change my values for the sake of your three tiered icing laden calorie monument with the two tuxedoed guys on top.

The bottom line… we’re all probably individual parts of a minority group of some sort. But being older, gray haired and in need of losing a few pounds doesn’t dictate that you give me free hair color treatments, complimentary gym memberships or free taxi rides in case I can’t walk to the mailbox. I accept my plight in life and deal with it and take care of myself.

Live within the laws of reason and life, and if you’re really harmed in some way, then make a noise but don’t burn down a pharmacy or parade nude in front of children. You’re drawing attention to yourself – not your grievance. Fight for your rights but don’t try to create new ones “just because.” You’ll lead a more fulfilled and happy life, not worrying about what demonstration you’re going to this weekend and whether or not you packed your sateen wedgies for the ball.

You’re black? You’re gay? Get over it.


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