We’re privileged to have the opportunity to speak with Erbil Gunasti. It’s always been our goal to speak with those individuals who offer true insight, facts and reality to our discussions of world events and leaders. Mr. Gunasti did not miss that agenda. His background in world events, his association with leaders such as President Trump and Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, and access to others adds to the validity of his views and the value of our interview. Do not miss his book, GameChanger for even more information and insight into this world traveler and influential confidant.

RB ~ The more radical Islamist’s goal is world domination. They’ll move into any country they can, subvert and take over politically, socially, anyway they deem necessary to advance their religious caliphate against Christianity and any perceived infidel. Trump, Erdogan and other leaders spend time, money, emotion and resources fighting this social and religious disease. Will right and truth win out in the end, or will it continue till Christ returns, and will the growing alliance of the US and Turkey make a major difference for the world?

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BG ~ I remind people in the GameChanger that we are now living in the 21st century. The 20th century was for nation-building. 100 or more new nations were built. In the 19th century, it was time to end empires. Many empires came to an end. Before that it was the Middle Ages when religious wars viciously ruled.

What is so-called radical Muslim is the by-product of what the West could not handle in the 20th century. I give an example. The Ottoman Empire kept Iran in the same border for four centuries alone after the Ottomans won the war in Chaldiran in 1514. The West took over the control of the region from the Ottomans after WWI but could not keep Iran within the same borders for only 1 century. What does this tell you? The Turks know what they are doing, Christian West does not when it comes to the Middle East.

People in the Muslim world will always yearn for a Caliphate when there is no modernity and democratic electoral system in place that they can trust.

Radicalism otherwise will be prevalent, and chaos will continue, like Arabs lived in the 7th century until Turkish horseman showed up in their towns and brought order.

The West came to the Middle East and applied the divide and conquer method and then through the likes of “shock and awe” they brought more destruction. As a result, more radicalism is being exploited in the region and it will grow, and it will come to Europe when more refugees arrive over time. Let’s remind again, that is what the globalists want in the first place. Chaos in the Middle East and then the chaos in Europe so that they can impose their will, otherwise they have no chance.

The point is if there were no globalists around there will neither be a war against Muslims nor there would be radicalism like there is one nowadays. Pious Christians and pious Muslims will live in harmony, albeit in their own corner with their own traditions without bothering one another. Like in London or Istanbul or New York. Neither will try to impose their way of life to the other anymore only because they are living in modern republics but also, they are aware we are living in the 21st century not in the Middle Ages.

This is of course, contingent upon, not having any Globalists around!

RB ~ And what outside influences would make their efforts more successful, or hamper their attempts at world and regional peace?

BG ~ Outside influences only come from the globalists but soon it will also come from Nationalist Chinese and Indians when they become number one and two economies in the world, respectively. That is why now it is time to get rid of the soft bellies in Europe and the Middle East so that the balance of power can be established between the East and the West, China and America in leadership respectively. Otherwise no one knows what would happen to the world: Even WWIII may erupt, and that is what the globalists would like.

Mike Pompeo

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Erbil Gunasti – Used with permission

RB ~ We know that we have an exceptional Secretary of State in Mike Pompeo and he works hard around the world to foster and maintain good relationships. If we were to lose Turkey as a valued ally, or Erdogan were swayed to other alliances, would this prove destructive to the region and to America’s fight against Islamic terrorism?

BG~ America will not be a superpower anymore if we were to lose Turkey. Period.

I wrote in the GameChanger, if Turkey is not an ally of America, how does anyone expect the 6th Fleet to survive in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea?

Plus, if Turkey is not an ally of America that means Turkey has already acquired nuclear weapons. Considering, Turkey already has advanced laser and rail gun technologies in mass production, but also how to keep submarines underwater long periods of time without nuclear technology, Turkey is well ahead of the game in this complex times in the world. That is on top of the level of sophistication in the drone technology and missiles, that is. How does one expect America to compete against the rising eastern powers together when Turkey also is not on its side then?

By then, nobody in the West needs to worry about radical Islam. That will be the least of the problems for the West because there will calamity. The West cannot afford to lose Turkey and the Western Civilization to exist in Europe. Period.

And when that happens that means the US is isolated in North America as the last bastion of the Western Civilization not venturing to the Middle East or Africa anymore.

On top of that if China, India, Russia, and the Muslims were to work together or compete for the spoils of the next riches in the Eastern Mediterranean or in Africa with the new regimes they will set up without the input of the West, what would the prospects for the West then?

Chinese admiral recently said, “let’s see what happens when one day we sink a US carrier in the Southern China Sea.” Sinking a battleship in the Eastern Mediterranean is much easier. WWI showed it in the Dardanelles. Turks then did not have ammunition never mind technology they have today. Remember the Ottoman Empire was then the “sick man of Europe!” Now as the strongest and healthiest man in Europe, the Middle East, the northern part of Africa, I don’t think it is possible to lose Turkey and to exist in the region for the West.

RB ~ Do you have any final, additional thoughts concerning our US/Turkey alliance, the Trump/Erdogan friendship?

BG~ Trump and Erdogan will work together but Republican senators must come on board and stop working on globalist agendas at the expense of Turkey. That is key for the US to remain the sole superpower in the world.

I believe that is a very important point that the Republicans must heed.

An interesting development took place recently when we visited leaders in Japan. We gave our books to a few leading kingmakers in Japan. When they read the GameChanger they said this book has nothing to do with Japan, but it explains everything we are talking about. And they are printing it in Japan with the blessing of these powerful politicians.

The same thing happened a couple of weeks earlier than that. In Turkey with the blessing of the AK Party in power, the party of Erdogan, Turks are also publishing the book in Turkish. They also made an official statement on behalf of the party in power that GameChanger represents the right ideas from their perspective.

Considering President Trump too took the first copy of the GameChanger and returned to me with a compliment and a sincere comment, GameChanger has become the only book, I bet, that has the endorsement of America, Japan and Turkey at the same time.

The way I explained or made arguments in the GameChanger, apparently the message was universal. That is: countries like Turkey or Japan have to be independent, free from the Western yoke.

An independent Japan together with an independent Turkey working with America under the leadership of a nationalist, very gutsy and smart president like Donald J. Trump, the world will be a better place for everyone on the planet unlike what the globalists bring to the planet.

Corona is their latest example, considering where Corona began whether there was a conspiracy or not as far as a manmade virus to create chaos or not.

RB ~ Bill, I so much appreciate your personal insight into this almost unknown, important alliance that affects both our countries and our futures so much. Your insight is so well defined and establish and, you’re so lucky as your counterpart adds so much to the relationship.

Erbil Gunasti & Daphne Barak

Erbil Gunasti & Daphne Barak with friends in London – used with permission

BG ~ I think it is important to point to the significance of what I and my partner, Daphne Barak, are doing in life. We are developing original intellectual property. In 2019, we wrote two books together both involving President Trump, each highlighting different aspect that matters to him, to this constituent in America but also a significant portion of the world. Publishers from Japan, Turkey, Australia joining the publisher from America reflects the attraction of the work so far.

I am sure when all said done more countries will publish, more leaders of the countries will come on board with what we wrote because we know quite a bit few of them in person and we have a good rapport with many of them. We are also friends with some of them, including royals and others of similar status or capacity to have a say or sway over large populations around the world. We published, four other books before these two. They are authored by Daphne. I contributed them at various levels, as well as editing them.

 King Philippe of Belgium and Jon Voight

Daphne Barak with King Philippe of Belgium and Jon Voight

Also, important to note, we are in the process of making a documentary that would be in a similar capacity with the GameChanger and the To Plea or Not To Plea. It will be released in the summer of 2020.

But that is not all. We have other works in the process soon to be announced. Additional books from my end are being written as the next chapter to what I already wrote in the GameChanger.

Jon Voight

Daphne Barak with Jon Voight – used with permission

In other words, all of our intellectual property works are relevant and interrelated and all of them involve President Trump, America but also Turkey and other countries like Japan or Israel, that are nationalist first. They are also countries that must be in the alliance with America for the sake of planet in the face of rising East, soon to take over the planet behind the veil of Globalism and only then to show its ugly face be it with Chinese or Indian nationalism or masses of humanity coming in hoards to annihilate the Western civilization, at the least in Europe.


RB~ We’re grateful to you and Daphne for the work you do in front of the camera, and behind the scenes, to bring truth, entertainment as well as important perspective to our national and international relationships. Even with President Trump in the White House, we find ourselves in a battle for America. Enemies within and from the outside are a constant threat to our freedoms, our rights, our wellbeing. It’s amazing that so many inside the country wish to do us harm for personal gain and control. For the sake of our citizenry and the world, we must win the ongoing battle for freedom in America. Our gratitude to you, Daphna, Jon Voight, Sec. Pompeo and so many others who participate in the fight for America.

Our thanks to Mr. Gunasti for his time and valued insight as we took a look at President Trump, President Erdogan, and Turkey’s important part in the fight for freedom in the world and the Turkey/America relationship so important to us and the world in total.

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A review of Erbil’s vast web presence will give additional input into his background and the basis for his views.



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