America is full of good people. Some are normal everyday people that work hard, love the country, and strive to just stay even throughout their lives. Others are politicians, taking what they can, getting by without producing anything and ruling us like the serfs they think we are from their lofty levels of self-appointed piety.

There are still others that care a lot about our country; try to work hard to express the hidden truths of corruption and deceit; put themselves out there in the public square taking the civil and social shots that are really meant for all of us who hide or exist in our everyday normalcy of existence.

Such a citizen is Dr. Jerome Corsi. A man who has investigated and questioned, opened his eyes and mind to the inner workings of politics, and over time revealing the lies and corruption we may or may not see. Warning of the dangers waiting in the political wings; waiting,  hiding to selfishly destroy our culture and our country.

He’s a learned man receiving his Ph.D. from Harvard University in Political Science, a best selling author of several books, and a target in the Mueller witch hunt that may, by his actions, have brought down the final stages of the investigation.

It was our pleasure to spend some time with Dr. Corsi and learn of the Deep State, God, the “hard left” and the actual, closed room, high-pressure inner workings of his interrogation.


RB ~ Sir, didn’t you have a more liberal exposure in your upbringing and what changed in your life?

JC- “My father was public relations director of the Brotherhood of Railroad Trainmen in Cleveland, Ohio, and helped create the United Transportation Union. I was always more conservative than my father. In 1952, I liked Eisenhower, he liked Stevenson. I was a supporter of JFK, but I never had the dedication to the Democratic party my father did. In the ’60s the Democratic party moved further and further away from me, and that was part of the distance the grew between me and my father.

In the Democratic party of today, there’s no resemblance to the party of JFK, Hubert Humphrey or Edwin Muskie. They were classic liberals but were not socialists or communists. Today the party is going more public with their socialism and that’s just way beyond the pale.”

RB- And isn’t that just a way of pandering to the public for votes or is there another agenda?

JC – “I think they really are socialists. I think the party from the ’60s rejects America and the constitution and was an outgrowth of the Viet Nam war. The party has embraced the hard left and has no support for the constitution. They’re in total ideological agreement with what is taught in schools. They’re communists and socialists – and that’s very different from the John Kennedys who were committed to the constitution, who had more of a direction toward the poor and working people. The current Democrat, like socialists and communists, typically are more into social justice and redistribution of wealth.”

RB ~ The big controversy of JFK’s day was “should we really elect a Catholic to office,” and now it’s should we put another conservative there or maybe a Socialist… it’s scary.

JC- “These divisions are frightening. If the country does reject the constitution, and more to the hard left and become socialist, I fear one of the goals of the globalists that want to destroy America will be achieved. We really are the last bastion protecting freedom – the inalienable rights from God. If the country does go socialist, all those freedoms will be redefined and eliminated. The freedom of speech, to be open without fear of going to prison or otherwise censured will be gone. We’re seeing increased intrusion on the 2nd amendment, and of course, the surveillance state is out of control – the 4th amendment is out of control. We’re living in a surveillance state. These are very frightening developments. They don’t believe in the solid founding principles of this country.”

RB – One of the first articles I wrote years ago was “To God or not to God” and I looked at the founding fathers’ stand on religion and the influence of a deity on our country.

JC – “Christian/Judeo, they embraced the biblical principles that without god, and they said this many ways, the constitutional republic they wanted would not long survive and I think they were right. Since the Russian revolution they knew that if you want a socialist country, you’ve got to eliminate God.”

RB – All that started long ago with Madalyn Murray O’Hair, and the elimination of God in schools, doing away with prayer, etc…

JC – “Yes that started back in the ’40s, and attacks on any prayer – they wanted a complete separation and wanted the 1st amendment to be something you did at home in your closet and dare not do in the public square. And that’s completely opposite of what our founding fathers intended.”

RB- They didn’t want a national religion, but they wanted freedoms to exist to be a good part of life and building a country.

JC- “There were different Christians, the Methodists, the Presbyterians, Catholics, and Judaism, but the point was they didn’t want a definition of a state religion, where if you didn’t abide by the definition of god the state authorized, you were persecuted. Back to the pilgrims, one of the fundamental reasons they left Great Britain in the beginning, they wanted to practice it and not be dictated to – a lot of that was at the heart of the Protestant revolution – they did not want us to have it that God was removed from our lives. Today in the cultural values they come in with the socialism and the breakdown of values these things are accepted and it’s appalling when you see it.”

RB – It seems we’ve gone from freedom of religion and freedom from religion to freedom without any religion.

JC – “The hard left can’t truly make value judgments that are obvious to most human beings; living homeless and doing drugs is the same as raising a family and paying taxes, being a productive citizen – they can’t see the difference. It’s a choice you make. look at California and where it’s going with the feces in the street and needles from drug addicts all over the place, the confrontation of traditional values; the demands for public nudity which are coming in and expansion of sexual rights which I think are going to push for new definitions beyond LGBT; and traditional Judeo-Christian values that were professed by that tradition, these things are very difficult to accept. And teaching in the schools, Americans are too condemned because they had slaves rather than applauded because they had the civil war to end slavery. That has been the legacy until this current generation of socialists/communists doing a redefinition of American history.”

RB – Amazing how far we’ve come down the road. I’m doing another article with General Flynn and the absence of God in leadership. There’s no moral compass, no basis for things except give me your vote and I’ll give you whatever you want.

JC- “Well, I’ve had multiple careers in Universities. I’ve had a long career in financial services and continue to have those licenses, and starting with “Unfit for Command,” I entered the much more political area. My Ph.D. Is in Political science, so the continuity in life was in politics, with a conservative orientation.”

RB – I had noted that “Unfit for Command” and “Obama Nation” were real lightning rods. I believed that if people would have seen what Kerry was like and did their investigation into Obama, they wouldn’t have voted for them, but now I think they might have anyway due to the increasing disinterest and uninformed stupidity of many Americans.

JC – “Politics has become increasingly like a TV voting/celebrity show. Celebrities have charisma and win the imagination of the American people. Hillary Clinton had a very negative charisma and Donald Trump had a very positive charisma. Obama had a smile and a hip hop to him, and people were attracted. Right now, the Dems don’t have a similar charismatic candidate. All theirs are pretty dull and uninspiring. There’s been no champion of socialism that has caught the American public’s imagination since maybe Eugene Debbs, and I don’t know if there’s anyone on the horizon with the ability to come close. The offer of “free stuff” is very shallow, a shallow way to attract voters.

Clearly, our society today is much more complex, you’ve got the main influx of Hispanic speakers and these are going to have to be absorbed. America always had the strength to do that and it was the true ability of the melting pot, but with the benefits of diversity, we’ve moved away from having the value of a unified cultural experience of our citizenry. That’s another red sign in terms of the future of being able to maintain a constitutional republic.

Even in the civil war, there were major divisions between the north and the south not just in slavery, but in terms of the north with immigrants and manufacturing vs. South that was basically a slave-based rural economy largely dependent upon cotton and tobacco. They still prayed to the same God and read the same bible and I’m not sure that fundamental condition exists in America.”


This is just the beginning of our discussion and in parts 2 and 3 we’ll explain the interrogation techniques of Mueller against Dr. Corsi and the dangerous ideology of the left. We’ll look into the Russian Collusion delusion, the Barr hearing, Obama’s birth certificate and so much more with Dr. Corsi.

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