EMP is a real threat. Whether natural as in 1859 from the sun or a manmade nuclear occurrence which is a threat being developed by more than one country against us. Understanding and preparation is the key to preservation. Part 1 is HERE.

Chance favors only the prepared mind.
Louis Pasteur

Helping America understand and be prepared is Dr. Peter Pry. First at the CIA, then the House Armed Services Committee, various congressional commissions, Congressional EMP commission as chief of staff for 17 years, and now as Executive Director of the EMP Task Force on National and Homeland Security.

We appreciate his help on this article and his learned background adding credibility to the threat.


RB ~ Miniaturization has been such a key factor in nuclear weapons. And they keep getting smaller. You mentioned about not even needing any nuclear capability to disrupt our systems.

Dr. Pry ~ “No, you don’t really need a nuclear weapon to collapse the grid, although everybody plans on that.

Devices that are not considered weapons, but they’re made by many American manufacturers. And you can actually buy these things you don’t even need a license. There’s one advertised in my book “Blackout Wars” called the EMP suitcase. And what it’s designed for it is a legitimate peaceful purpose. If you’re laying out an airport one needs to know how far the radar needs to be back from the runway so that it doesn’t damage electronics in airplanes, or if you’re laying out industrial floor space for the heaviest electronic equipment, you don’t want them to fratricide. This is what you can use an EMP suitcase for, to help you plan how far past to put things so that you don’t have EMP fratricide.

If you put it in the trunk of a car, drove up to the big transformer, and just waited until you start to see the sparks and flames coming out of it; well, we’ve arrived at a place technologically where a disgruntled individual, mad man, a terrorist organization could topple the ecological foundations for an entire metropolitan area, just one person with something like that. And if you had a team of them running around the country taking out the HV Transformers it wouldn’t take much.

A U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission did a classified report that was reported in The Wall Street Journal – so I could talk about it publicly – but according to The Wall Street Journal, it was a report that if you took out just nine of the two thousand extra high voltage transformers that would start a cascading failure in the national grid and that alone would black us out for us for 18 months and result in a catastrophe for the nation – even without a nuclear attack, even without an EMP from the sun.

So those are the three dimensions in actually increasing the sun which is inevitable it’s going to happen someday; the EMP from nuclear weapons and the non-nuclear threat.

The bad guys plan to use the manmade EMP threats all in combination. They could use cyber. They would use small weapons to go and shoot up transformer substation control centers. They would use non-nuclear EMP weapons as the big stick. The most decisive one thing that we can have the greatest confidence in bringing us to our knees would be the nuclear re-entry attack. And if you use all these things together so we’ll take that coordination. The synergistic effects become irresistible.”

RB ~ What I’ve always worried about is one or two guys that come across our southern border with an actual nuclear weapon or one of the suitcases. They start positioning themselves around the country and then we’ve got sporadic problems in vital areas. This not even counting a major takedown of the US.  grid, but things even on a small scale would disrupt our economy and people don’t seem to think about that.

Dr. Pry ~ “I wrote an article about that several years ago when ISIS was still a looming threat because we’ve been so lucky. You know we’re blessed by God or something. Somebody once said you know God looks after fools, little children and the United States of America. We’ve had that open border so long and we get so lucky that we haven’t had a catastrophe.

One of the things I was really worried about, there was a drug cartel terrorist group in Mexico called the Knights Templar. This was back in 2013. It was in fact almost Halloween when they did this in 2013 and they used small arms and explosives to take out a major part of the Mexican grid. They put about a half million people into the dark so they could go into towns and villages and publicly execute officials who were opposed to the drug trade. And at that time you had ISIS that had captured billions of dollars from Mosul and it was one of the richest terrorist organizations in the world.

We were so lucky that they didn’t decide to send a suitcase full of money to the Knights Templars and tell them “hey guys go across the U.S. border to do in America what you just did in Mexico, do as much damage to the American electric grid as you could.” There’s no reason that couldn’t happen. You know they’re very good at penetrating our borders.

At that time, and even today, our power industry has done nothing really to protect the electric grid from any of the threats we’re talking about including physical attacks – using things as simple as an AK 47. It’s one of the things they even tried to hide and it was this attack on the Metcalf Transformer Substation.

I think it was in 2013 that happened. Parties unknown used AK 47s to shoot up the Metcalf’s Transformer Substation and they didn’t go all the way. It was apparently an exercise. It wasn’t an attempt to actually destroy the substation, they wanted to see how far they could get.

The U.S. Navy SEALs were brought in to investigate the incident and the SEALs concluded that this was a professional commando operation by some unknown hostile foreign power. They wanted to see how easy it would be to penetrate and get in there and shoot up transformers. They didn’t want to actually destroy the transformers, cause if they did that it could’ve blacked out the Western grid, and like any kind of an exercise, you don’t want to alert your adversary to their vulnerability if you could exploit it.

And so that was what the SEALs concluded from that. And then the electric power industry just basically ignored it all and they’ve done even to this day does nothing to improve the physical security of these transformers there. Everybody driving down the highway you can still see there’s not even a guard dog, they’re surrounded by a chain link fence with maybe a strand of barbed wire on the top. And those things are vital to our civilization, as indispensable to our civilization as aqueducts and roads were to the Roman civilization.”


Intrusions are becoming more and more evident. Our enemies are aware of vulnerabilities and are seeking ways to facilitate our destruction.

In part 3, we look at what’s being done – and not done, and what President Trump is attempting in order to protect us.


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