As we begin 2014, we look back on years of increased controlling factors that have affected our lives, our income, our savings, and our freedoms. And with January 2014 having arrived, the overbearing weight of BarryCare (ACA) is presenting itself as the one factor that may ultimately bring down the life and lives of Americans.

For those who have been living in a cave for the last 6 years or have not read my words of warning, I’ve said from the beginning that this is a president with an agenda. His own Anti-American background of Marxist/Communist influences, his beliefs of “American colonialism” fostered by his father, and his own Socialistic activities as a lawyer with ACORN and other groups appears to be predominant in his controlling directives over our citizens. Look at his past – look at his actions – look at his appointments.

But what is this government that is increasingly demanding more money in taxes, controlling more of our economy and infrastructure, denying more and more of our God given freedoms and rights? You can take your pick from a plethora of doctrines for in many cases the demarcation is slim at best and randomly cross back and forth over the lines of separation.

We vote. We trust it’s fair and that it means something, but we see little or no results in our elected leaders doing what we thought we elected them to do. There’s been a shift in the way government rules us and that’s disturbing to many. It’s no longer clear about who is doing or responsible for what. And that in itself is a disturbing thought for they are not “rulers” they are elected “servants” of the people.

People think, or want to believe we are a democracy but we’re not, or not supposed to be.



Constraints on the government No; the majority can impose its will on the minority Yes; the majority cannot take away certain inalienable rights
Sovereignty is held by: The whole population (as a group) The people (individuals)
Common confusion in the USE People commonly confuse direct democracy with representative democracy. The US officially has a representative style, though many have suggested the US is closer to an oligarchy or plutocracy. The US is actually a Republic, governed by rule of law. The elected is supposed to be bound by oath to the written governing limits (ie constitution) yet vote “together” and create laws to address concerns of the represented in a democratic way
Definition Is ruled by the omnipotent majority. In a Democracy, an individual, and any group of individuals composing any minority, have no protection against the unlimited power of the majority. It is a case of Majority-over-Man A constitutionally limited government, created by a written Constitution–adopted by the people and changeable by them only by its amendment–with its powers divided between three separate branches of government.
History Originated in Classical Athens Classical Rome
Famous Examples Classical Greece, Rome United States Of America


The U.S. is a mixture of democracy and a republic, but they are two different political animals locked in the same cage. We were conceived as a democratic republic. A form of governance where power is derived from the citizens and executed through elected leaders.  Now we have leaders who create their own power and that’s a dangerous road to travel.

The word “democracy” is not used in our Constitution yet it begins with a democratic statement of “We the people of the United States to ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” And the only place where the word “republic” is used in in Article IV, Section 4, “The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government.”

James Madison, the architect of the Constitution envisioned control by representatives to overrule factions and demagogues but now our society and government is so controlled by the tyranny of minorities that absolute freedom is becoming a thing of the past.

Add to this the complicity of a national media that refuses the presentation of facts and instead opts for the supportive actions of its chosen few, or the infusion of radicals with socialistic views or foreign influence and we see the destruction, and feel the constraints on our country laid out before us.

Our form of government should be fairly simple but we see the elements of so many failed forms of governance injected to some extent as major or minor parts:

Aristocracy – the head of state is a king of sorts. This philosopher-king does not rule alone, but has classes or categories of people below him, the ones that make up the remainder of his aristocratic state. The auxiliary class or the soldier class of people whose job it is to enforce his law and order, and protect the state from military aggressors. (Obama’s well-armed civilian army? FEMA?) And, the people who are the worker class, who have the right to produce goods and services and trade in them, own property and have the rights of citizens as allowed.

Oligarchy – A form our current administration would like to see. A society is divided into two distinct classes, the rich and the poor. The rich have the reigns of administration in their hands and the poor are the ruled class. They seem to gain their power by promoting concern for the poor while destroying the richer of society and keeping plenty for themselves. Sound familiar?

Tyranny – Tell me this is not what we are current seeing develop in our country, leaning toward the worst form of government – where all power is with one man, a leader who rises from the chaos of democracy, thirsting for power but not having the wisdom or learning to use it wisely. He will merely take advantage of the lawlessness to seize power and rule with an iron fist, often unjustly, (with Holder?) and the populace will fear and loathe him but remain helpless. The tyrant will spend his time wasting the vast volume of his ill-gotten wealth, living under constant threat of assassination or rebellion.

And we see tinges of Dictatorship – A system of government with one individual who is in absolute control of the nation, he effectively dictates terms to it. Dictators can usurp power in military or populist coups, or be elected to office by the people under a different form of government and then wrest power. The best example in modern times is the dictatorship of Adolf Hitler over Nazi Germany. Offering “Hoppe and Change” in a troubled time is an ideal method of gaining the trust and support of the less fortunate, the downtrodden, the huddled illiterate masses longing to be taken care of by the government and the rich.

We see elements of Fascism – This form is highlighted by the propaganda of nationalism and patriotic pride, ruled by a single leader who is part of a larger group of individuals who adhere to a common philosophy. Fascism relies heavily on nationalistic sentiment to bring the people under subjugation and repress their freedoms. Italy under the dictator Benito Mussolini was a fascist state. (And again, see the final thoughts under dictatorship)

And we’ll also see certain fundamentals of Constitutional Monarchy – where the powers and the rights of the leader are limited to a certain extent by a formally adopted constitution. Examples in the modern world are Japan, New Zealand and Denmark among several others. Or a Federal Monarchy – A federation of states which have different heads of state (or governors) but are in turn ruled by one single leader who is the head of the entire federation. Examples are the Kingdom of Belgium and the Kingdom of Spain, though they are not so named.

While we have not entered the world of complete fascism or dictator rule, we can see how certain characteristics are creeping more and more into our daily existence from the definitions listed above. Characteristics that are NOT good, NOT part of our American way of life and NOT an acceptable part of our founding fathers conceived beliefs and basis of our new and free country.

They came to this country to be free from tyranny, and though they believed heavily in God and a higher power, they wanted a country free from religious rule. It’s the power of the individual they proclaimed as the ruler.

America grew to be the best, most free, most powerful country on earth because of our uniqueness, our difference, our love of individualism, capitalism and achievement. But when you move toward the rule of a dictator, a tyrant, a Socialist, you return us to the level of failed governments the world over who have always placed 2nd and not been able to compete with what makes us…us.

Think back to the changes you’ve seen. Think back on the loss of rights and freedoms to both persons and businesses. Think about increased control, taxes, regulations in all the areas of your life from healthcare to light bulbs, increased cost of utilities and goods to your use of salt or the size of your soda. Think about their increased efforts to reduce or eliminate your 2nd amendment rights and what’s next – constraints on property ownership or travel?

Look at the disregarding or outright acceptance of certain crimes, the growing sanctioning of drug use through changes in drug laws or the increasing recognition of social behaviors such as gay marriage, all in the name of “acceptance.” Do these changes signal a decline, even the demise of American society in your mind? These are social issues related to our morals and mores all accepted, controlled or even promoted by… our changing government.

The lines and definitions cross back and forth between forms of government, politics and economics. All play a part in the declining, sustaining or growth of our country. Both parties have been participatory in this decline of America but the liberal, progressive beliefs of the left are the most damaging to our future.

2014 MUST be our time to take back our country, to regain control of our own destiny, to tell our representatives that we are alive – and we’re aware – and “we’re mad as hell and not taking it anymore.”

My suggestions is that hundreds of thousands, yea millions of us need to make daily or at the least weekly calls, send emails or faxes to contact our representatives, & senators, and give them the message that change is coming. We need to “change or change out” our leaders in ’14.

God help us– and the total number of words contained here? 1776.



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