We know that the war with radical Islam is ever waging against us. Our overseas commitments are varied, seemingly long term, strong – and costly.

But the enemy is also ever present right here in the homeland. Their operatives having already struck in Boston, Ft. Hood Texas, San Bernardino, CA and elsewhere.

Dr. Carl Goldberg is an expert on radical Islam, having made it his patriotic duty to educate Americans of the negative impact of the jihad against the Western world, and all non-Muslims. In 2014 Dr. Goldberg  was honored as one of America’s leading “Islamophobes by the Council on American Islamic Relations. (CAIR)

Courtesy Western Free Press

He wears this title as a badge of honor when he’s ask to give the countless speeches on Muslims in America.

Again, just an FYI – In most conversations, people refer to those who follow Islam as Muslims. Many times, people will use the term Moslem. This isn’t an incorrect spelling. As defined: “A Muslim in Arabic means” one who gives himself to God,” and is by definition, someone who adheres to Islam. By contrast, a Moslem in Arabic means” one who is evil and unjust” when the word is pronounced, as it is in English, Mozlem with a “z.”

As Dr. Goldberg has said, “There are some “moderate Moslems.” The “moderate Moslems” are moderate only in so far as they disobey the jihadist, misogynist, homophobic, bigoted and intolerant commands of their god. Other Moslems, like the community leaders, are not moderate at all.”

But as the old saying goes, “Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you” so it’s important to be informed, be aware, vigilant and prepared.

This is part 2 in our series of jihad in America. (Again, RB-B~ indicated a follow up question) Part 1 can be found HERE

The Jihad Assault in America-Cont’d

RB ~ Is America doing enough to change the “hearts and minds” of moderate Muslims in order to win the long war, or are we doomed to continue battle after battle until one side dies or gives up?

CG ~ Unfortunately, America is doing nothing at all to change the hearts and minds of Moslems. On the contrary, under the guise of tolerance and diversity, American have permitted the Moslems to subvert our schools, universities, government institutions, the media and the churches/synagogues so that our American institutions propagate the lie that Islam is a religion of peace. It is part of the Muslim Brotherhood’s program for America to use the hands of non-Moslems to destroy our civilization. They seem to be very successful. As for the truly “moderate Moslems”, that is, the ones who inwardly reject the jihadist goals of Islam, they are too weak and too few to ever have any influence in the Moslem community. The reason is that they do not have a theological leg to stand on, whereas the supremacist Moslems always have the Koran and Muhammad on their side.

RB ~ Is American doing enough overseas to win this ongoing conflict? What would be the next step?

CG ~ Of course, we are not doing anywhere near enough, or, anything at all, for that matter. ISIS and Al Qaeda and other Moslem terrorists are only the very tip of the Islamic iceberg. In fact, the Moslem terrorists are only a diversion from the real threat of the demographic and stealth jihad led by the Muslim Brotherhood and its many, many front groups.

RB ~ Are we doing enough at home to prevent foreign infiltration and home grown radicalization?

CG ~ Definitely, NOT. Our leaders in all of our society institutions just do not understand the nature of Islam. As for “radicalization”, we need to understand that “radicalization” is what takes place when a Moslem reads the Koran and finds out what his god really wants him to do. Everything is Islam, and everything about the Islamic threat, goes back to the Koran — which is taught and preached in every mosque as Allah’s literal word.

RB ~ how many known terrorist cells or training grounds exist in the US?

CG ~ Many, many. This is a question for the FBI. Again, while these are dangerous, they do not present an existential threat. The existential threat comes from the stealth jihad.

RB ~ What’s being done militarily or through law enforcement to monitor the training camps we continually hear about, or are those overstated?

CG ~ Again, this is a question for the FBI and the police. We know that part of the stealth jihad is to infiltrate the FBI and the Police so that they do not pay proper attention to these training camps or to the Moslem community in general.

[NOTE: I reached out to my FBI contacts and they are very close lipped about any confirmation of numbers or ongoing surveillance or investigations. His comment being:  ” …isn’t something any current FBI folks would be commenting on publicly.  If they are aware of a jihadi training camp in the US, they’d not be talking about it, they’d have it under surveillance of some sort.  And if it’s already in the “public domain” it would be because they’ve already made the determination to “disrupt” the activities by virtue of a search/interviews/charges if criminal or terrorist activity was afoot.” ]

RB ~ Given that such training is certainly subversive and at times treasonous, why do we not shut them down and prosecute those involved? It can’t be a first amendment issue?

CG ~ This is again a question for the FBI and the politicians and the courts. Surely, a large part of the reason is that Islam, itself, is not considered subversive and treasonous even though it is.

RB ~ We talked about prisons being the natural breeding ground for easy indoctrination and radicalization. How do we stop it? Reverse it?

CG ~ Imams should not be permitted to proselytize in the prisons, but that cannot be done until Islam is recognized for the threat that it is.

RB ~ While the fact that Obama was considered a Muslim by many has never been proven, his roots toward accepting, and possibly aiding this enemy of America run pretty deep. Has there been a successful shift in the administration’s attitude and actions since Trump was elected?

CG ~ Definitely, YES! However, there is only so much that Trump can do because of all the swamp creatures and because of the political situation whereby at least half the country believes that Islam is a religion of peace. Also, there are foreign policy considerations. Trump needs the support of some Sunni Moslem countries against The Islamic Republic of Iran. If Trump were to make a frontal assault against Islam, he would lose the support of those Sunni Moslem countries. I think trump has done about as good a job as he can by helping to divide the Moslem world, by fully supporting Israel against the Moslem world, by restricting Moslem immigration, and by snubbing CAIR and other American Moslem community organizations. He has a long way to go, but he has made a start in the right direction. The next major step is to declare The Muslim Brotherhood to be a terrorist organization.

RB~B) When people like John Brennan, who has been suggested but not proven to be a Muslim, come under fire for “defending jihad as a legitimate expression of Islam” or “speaking eloquently of “the Majesty of the Hajj,” should we raise questions of religion and 100% loyalty to our government and constitution?

CG ~ Sure, we should! But, who is “we”? Most Senators and Representatives, and the vast majority of government bureaucrats, have no understanding of the jihadist nature of Islam.

RB ~ America has always proclaimed and prided itself on being an open and accepting country. Tolerant of speech, lawful demonstrations and people’s religions. For many though, we’re on the edge of the PC acceptability scale. Are we too tolerant of a religion which has proven NOT to be peaceful? Has shown itself to be combative force against our country, yea a battlefield enemy?

CG ~ Of course, we have been far too tolerant of Islamic intolerance, mostly because very few of our fellow citizens understand the nature of Islam. Because of the Islamic infiltration of our school textbooks, our school children are indoctrinated to believe that Islam is a religion of peace. Therefore, they are totally unprepared intellectually to deal with these serious questions like freedom of religion.

RB~B) As Muslims have moved into other counties, i.e. England, Scandinavia, France, and virtually taken over areas of their cities, ignored their laws and started a decimation of their cultures, is it wrong, or the correct time, to consider their presence here a subversive invading force against our country?

CG ~ The correct time to consider Moslem presence to be subversive was many years ago. Immigration without assimilation is invasion. In that sense, there has been a massive subversive Moslem immigration of Europe and North America. We can save our civilization from the Moslem onslaught only if enough of our fellow citizens learn the true nature of the Islamic threat. Again, Moslem terrorism gets all the headlines, and it takes our attention away from the real subversive threat of the stealth jihad.

RB ~ With Sharia law being the guiding decree for Muslims, and the fact that it is in conflict with our own society, way of life and constitution, how can we accept anyone running for public office who must swear allegiance to our constitution and the protection of our country from enemies foreign and domestic?

CG ~ Again, who is “we”? People who understand the subversive threat from Islam understand that Moslem candidates, like other religious Moslems, can never be loyal to America. The vast majority of our fellow citizens do not understand the nature of Islam. The Moslem religion demands exclusive loyalty only to Islam. Because Islam is a “complete way of life”, it is totalitarian, so that there is no room for loyalty to any non-Moslem system if it contradicts Islam.

RB~B) There are more and more Muslims running for mid and high level offices, what are we to assume from this? Quiet subversive infiltration?

CG ~ Absolutely correct! Those Moslem candidates will never talk about their religion, or even about foreign policy. They will talk only about “progressive” social policy in order get the votes of the unsuspecting Democrat voters.

RB ~ It’s been said for years that “political correctness” will kill this country. What do we have to do to reverse this concept, step up, and start asking questions and taking action so that we can rightfully protect ourselves?

Photo courtesy of Dr Goldberg. Used with permission

CG ~ Each of us must do as much as we can to educate our fellow citizens as to the nature of Islam. We must insist that our political candidates educate themselves about the Islamic threat and, specifically, about the Muslim Brotherhood and the Muslim Brotherhood Terrorist Designation Act which has been before both houses of Congress.

RB~B) Knowing that groups like CAIR and others are tied to radical groups and have no purpose to advance America, only to ultimately harm and destroy us, even given our “openness and freedoms” in this country, why do we allow them to operate here under our laws and protections?

CG ~ Mainly because they are careful to stay with the law and because the public does not understand the nature of Islam or the nature of CAIR.

RB ~ What groups or organizations in this country (outside of any government groups) are fighting these internal threats through monitoring, observation, legal actions and downright resistance or other activities to protect us?

CG ~ Mostly non-governmental groups such as Act For America, the David Horowitz Freedom Center with Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch, Pamela Geller, Frank Gaffney and his Center for Security Policy, and various others. Their problem is to get government leaders and Congress to listen to them. There has been some success under Trump.

RB ~ Keeping in mind “If you see something, say something,” what should the average person be aware of in their daily lives and what can they as individuals do to be proactive in protecting America?

CG ~ They must become aware of the nature of Islam so that they can counter the widespread propagation, in the schools, churches and media, of the lie that Islam is a religion of peace.

RB ~ As a final thought, what specifically would you add as viable information about the problems, the causes, the cures and how to make America safer from threats within?

CG ~ The first steps to a cure is to stop Moslem immigration to our country. The second step is to declare the Muslim Brotherhood (and CAIR) a terrorist organization. The third step is to revise the school textbooks so that our school children are told the truth about the jihadist nature of Islam. We must stimulate a discussion of the nature of Islam everywhere and with everyone we can.


I’ve tried to take a fact based approach to this article in particular as there are a lot of misconceptions, half truths and imaginary fantasies about good vs bad Islam, Muslims and Moslems and how much of a threat they are – here or elsewhere.

Make no mistake. There is a jihad against America. They have a mandate from their god to kill “non-believers” and to take over the world. For an unsophisticated, non-centralized, non-governmental entity they have been successful in many areas disrupting governments, killing thousands, destroying countries and wasting trillions of other people’s money.

In our next part we’ll look at some more “military style” actions to be considered as our military contributors weigh in and offer some ideas. The long term solution is still in flux as America decides if it wants a more open, accepting, understanding country, or one that still vehemently protects itself from threats from without and within.

Till then… be aware, be safe and IF YOU SEE SOMETHING – SAY SOMETHING to protect your fellow citizens, especially during this holiday season.

RB ~

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