With the election of Donald Trump in 2016, many thought we were out of the woods for losing this country. But even with a quality president leading his party and the country, there are many areas of government that require oversight and delicate manipulation in order to save our republic – even from itself.

While a president has the opportunity to appoint judges, promote his agenda and work with congress, execute executive orders, there are other areas requiring his attention. One of the most important opportunities for any president is the selection of Supreme Court Justices. Not every president has this opportunity to leave his personal mark on America’s history. But, depending on current vacancies to be filled when the need is there, so is the overwhelming responsibility of his decision. The post filled through selection and confirmation will have an effect on the country for generations – far beyond the term of any one president.

President Trump has successfully filled the first opening with Justice Neil M. Gorsuch. A justice with America’s values and a strong constitutional basis for his past decisions. In Judge Kavanaugh, Trump has someone who can be counted on to be a true conservative unlike his “somewhat” conservative predecessor Justice Kennedy who found the need to be more middle of the road and left leaning at times. And also unlike the Chief Justice who many counted on for a position of conservative power, yet who let many down with his supportive vote for ObamaCare.

The important point is that President Trump needs senators, not only in numbers, but in dedication to the cause of freedom, and ones he can count on to confirm his choices. Choices designed to interpret the law according to the constitution, not create law according to some personal or political bias. Such a senator to support the president might very well be Arizona’s candidate for the 2018 midterms, Dr Kelli Ward.

Dr. Ward brings a quality of proven private and public service not always found in a candidate; having served the public as a practicing physician and also as public servant in the AZ state House of Representatives. As Dr Ward has said, ” I know that I can do more to advance the ideas of freedom and liberty so eloquently described in our founding documents, which is why I’ve decided to run for the U.S. Senate.” It was with anticipation and pleasure we had this opportunity to spend some time with Dr. Ward about her candidacy.  Here is part 1 of our series with various links to Dr. Ward’s YouTube videos for more information.

President Trump Needs Dr Kelli Ward

RB – When people enter the political arena for battle against opposing forces, the public likes to know “What makes you, you?” What do you bring to the fight?” What originally got Kelli Ward into the medical field to serve others?

KW – I’ve always been a person who likes to make good things happen rather than complaining about what I can’t change. I’ve been blessed with skills, talents, and abilities that have made it possible for me to help others in many ways.

Photos courtesy of the Kelli Ward for Senate campaign

RB – And making that leap from a medical provider to a really more open public servant as an Arizona state legislator – how did that come about?

KW – As a family physician, I came into contact daily with not just the policies of the Affordable Care Act, but also the people those flawed policies impacted. As someone who firmly believes in limited government, the vast overreach of Obamacare – and the skyrocketing premiums and deductibles that came with it – compelled me to act, particularly when it became clear that establishment Republicans were not standing up to this unprecedented government takeover.

RB – After successfully serving the state, what propelled you into having an interest in the national arena of politics? Did the appearance of Donald Trump offer some impetus to be a true American nonpolitical nonconformist?

KW – Because I was an extremely successful state senator, many people asked me to take my results-oriented approach to Washington, D.C. President Trump is a strong leader with a message that resonates with Americans – I look forward to working with him and other conservatives in Washington to keep the nation on the right track.

RB – Some get into national office with little or no public service even though they may have a specialty they believe will help them. How did your years in the Arizona legislature prepare you for the work ahead when you’re elected?

KW – During my time in the Arizona Senate, I was provided an excellent opportunity to prepare for serving all Arizonans in the U.S. Senate – from establishing a proven track record of passing legislation that supported small businesses, preserved the Second Amendment, decreased the size of government, addressed the opioid crisis, protected vulnerable Arizona students, and fought Common Core – to getting 19 bills to the governor’s desk to be signed into law during my final year in office. In the State Legislature, I learned to work with people on both ends of the political spectrum to bring forth great policy ideas that served all Arizonans.

RB – Surveys show that healthcare is still at the top of the “concern” list for Americans. When you ran the first time – with a most respectable showing against John McCain – healthcare was more on the front burner of public thinking. Even with its current importance, it has moved aside a bit amongst other existing subjects so what can you do with your medical background to keep it a hot topic and to move it forward and improving the options for everyone?

KW – It is critically important that we do not became complacent now that the individual mandate has been repealed and allow Obamacare’s burdensome taxes and invasive policies to remain on the books. For years, the Republican party campaigned on repealing Obamacare – and that is still what I support. I know that Congress can do better for the American people, whether it is increasing competition to improve healthcare or allowing the purchase of insurance across state lines, we should be doing more.

RB – You had a showing much better than many thought possible against Sen McCain. In comparison to your first campaign just a couple of years ago, your message is close to before but what did you learn then to tweak this campaign to get your message across to the public? Your campaign team seems to be very organized and everywhere you go.

Dr. Ward spends time with her many supporters. Photos courtesy of the Kelli Ward for Senate campaign

KW – I think a big difference between the 2016 campaign and now is that Arizonans are waking up to how out-of-touch Democrats and establishment Republicans are with average Americans. Career politicians seem to think that they can say one thing on the campaign trail and then legislate in a totally different way, more in line with their special interests and donors than the citizens they are supposed to represent – and, frankly, people are tired of it. I’ve learned a lot the past few years and it’s made me a stronger candidate who knows how to communicate our message to voters in a way that resonates.

RB – When making that move to a DC office, what are your most important objectives for your constituents in addition to healthcare?

KW – Some of my key policy passions include repealing Obamacare, providing veterans the highest standard of care, jumpstarting the economy, securing our borders and building the wall, getting federal debt under control, protecting our religious heritage, further simplifying the tax code, and maintaining a strong military.

RB – I remember years ago talking with the president of a local hospital group and asking about the excessive rising costs. His answer was that the government’s hand in everything was driving up costs. They might need an MRI machine but have to apply for special equipment and building permits, and with the gov’t interventions a $5 million need becomes a $10 million investment years later when finally approved. When you look at things like making healthcare more efficient, better availability across state lines, associations etc., what can be done to make an industry out of control more affordable to those who need it so badly?

KW – The prices for many of the goods and services we buy have dropped over the last few decades, many by a lot. Televisions, appliances, telephone service, air travel and many other goods are much less expensive today than they were a decade or two ago. Where do we see prices rising? In the areas most controlled by government – health insurance and college tuition are prime examples. Americans need more options and alternatives for health care and health insurance. That means repealing Obamacare, which has sent health insurance premiums into the stratosphere, and giving Americans more choices when it comes to how we pay for health care and health insurance. The Democrats know Obamacare has failed too – and their solution is to make the federal government the only provider of health insurance. This is the wrong approach: we need more, not fewer, choices in health care.

RB – You threw in college tuition which is a very important and major expense to many middle class families hoping their children secure a better life through a better education. Can you expand on that?

KW –  College tuition costs are soaring because many students have limited options when making educational choices, and the government is willing to loan students endless sums of money that have landed many graduates with crippling debt. We need more innovation in education financing, and we must also restore the dignity of work in our trades. I want every student who wants to go to college to be able to do so. At the same time, America needs men and women who will power our favorites, build our homes, keep our transportation network running, and so on. Every student who wants to go into one of these areas should also be free to do so and have access to a wide array of educational options to help them succeed.

RB – You and I first talked years ago when I also had the chance to talk with Dr. Josh Umbehr about his program. His private practice, “concierge” approach of $50-75/month for virtually unlimited 24/7 personal care has been such a model of success, it’s grown to thousands of participating patients. Why can’t the government look at more innovative ways to handle healthcare vs. a politically infused exercise in futility?

KW – One of the big problems with big government is that it almost inevitably degenerates either into byzantine bureaucracy or political gamesmanship, neither of which serve the interests of the American people. Instead, we need to empower local communities and states to be able to adapt their healthcare policies to the specific needs of their citizens, needs they are much more familiar with than some faraway Washington bureaucrat. And we need to empower individuals to live in freedom.

RB – You’ve been so lucky to be married to another medical professional, your husband Mike, a recently retired Air Force Colonel. Besides sharing a passion for quality medical care, what inspirations have you drawn from him and what does he bring to your campaign?

KW – We are a well-matched pair – we are both passionate about caring for people and about demanding good government in the United States. I couldn’t do what I do without his love or support. He’s my sounding board and No. 1 supporter.

RB – Coming from an area close to ground zero for immigration, what solutions do you have to help reform it, force the revitalization of E-Verify, put American’s to work and reduce the threat of illegal criminals, and of course, improve border security?

KW – It’s important that the U.S. government pass legal immigration policies designed to serve America in the 21st century.

Dr. Ward supports our veterans. Photos courtesy of the Kelli Ward for Senate campaign

I fully support the RAISE Act, which President Trump has championed, to reform our legal immigration system. This legislation would create a merit-based immigration system that protects the American worker, taxpayer, and economy.

RB – Distinction is decisive in candidates. What separates you from your opponents in terms of goals, directions, and personal/professional experience?

KW – First, unlike Martha McSally and Krysten Sinema, I am not a big-government, big-spending, establishment politician who is more committed to the Washington elites than the citizens I claim to represent. Second, I am the only candidate in this race who has a proven track record of legislating conservatively and effectively – something I plan to continue in the United States Senate.

RB – You’ve been a strong supporter of President Trump. What can you do – along with other REAL conservatives – to further his successful agendas and help to eliminate this deep state resistance that defies logic and fights patriotism?

KW – President Trump needs the help of true conservatives in Washington, conservatives who are committed to his pro-America, limited government agenda. Unfortunately, Many Republicans seem to be simply trying to wait the President out, to shirk anything even a little bit controversial, and just hang on for the next election cycle. Or worse, they pretend to support him (when they never have) to help their own ambitions. This is exactly what is wrong with our government today – we need representatives who are going to stand up for the people and work for real change, not simply cling to power for as long as possible.


Our thanks to Dr. Ward for taking time to articulate her views in such an important midterm election year; possibly one of the most important of our time. In part 2 we’ll delve into more of Dr. Ward’s specific plans for Washington and working with the President. For those seeking to help with her campaign, contact Sam@kelliward.com. Voters can also follow her on Twitter at @KelliWardAZ and on Facebook at @KelliWardAZ to stay up to date on all the latest news and events.

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