This part 2 continues our discussion with the Editor and Chief Executive Office of World Net Daily – better known to many as – Mr. Joseph Farah. He’s a well-traveled speaker and author, and his opinions and publications reach millions daily. provides through its online and email editions, the current happenings in our news but also some of the stories ignored or buried by others that inform and educate us to the real goings on that affect our lives.

This is part 2 of his thoughts on the future of America and our upcoming election. Our thanks to Mr. Farah in his busy schedule for this time.

American’s future:

RB – For someone who has watched the political landscape for so long, did you anticipate all this coming or is the current direction of America a quickly evolving, disappointing surprise?

JF – “Yes, I did. You can see that in the books I wrote and published. You can see it in daily columns over 18 years. There needs to be an alternative political vision for people to embrace it. The Republican Party doesn’t offer one. So how can people be represented in government? In addition, people who are not seeking God with all their heart and all their mind tend to be drifting away from Him. You couple those two problems and what you see in America today is predictable.”

RB – I remember when the most talked about topics were “which movie are we going to see” or “who’s coming over for the BBQ on Saturday?” Now, there’s not an hour goes by we aren’t discussing immigration abuse, government scandals, ISIS, loss of freedoms, healthcare etc. Are we overly consumed or should we be THIS involved emotionally?

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JF – “It’s actually part of the strategy of the regime in charge. They light so many brush fires, the public’s head is spinning. As soon as Americans start focusing on one scandal, three more emerge. And there’s no accountability in Congress. Why should people care anymore if they can’t do anything about it?”

RB – Elections do seem to matter less and less with the fraud and deceit that has been growing. Congress routinely seems to “delete your email without being read” and if constituents do get a reply, it’s some generic “I hear you and agree and I’m working hard to solve this” then they vote the other way, and congressional workers seem to “file” your comment when you call. What can the average citizen to do to bring about the change needed to save this country? Is a more local involvement the answer? Do we have time for that approach?

JF – “They need to be more engaged in politics between elections. Just sending what seems like the best person to Washington is the BEGINNING of the process, not the end. They need to be held accountable every day. And that takes work and commitment.”

RB – Do you personally have the comfort level to express a “socialistic” direction to things unlike others who deny this description of our country?

JF – “Of course. America is rapidly moving from self-governance, limited government, a constitutional republic to a society in which government is king. That’s what socialism is. It’s tyranny.”

RB – Do you personally wonder how our elected leaders can allow the growth of unsustainable debt, the lack of national security at our borders, the degradation of our military, international reputation and respect, the destruction of our free enterprise system without the “fight and fire” of our forefathers?

JF – “The growth of unsustainable debt is meant to destroy the economy. It’s meant to take America down. It’s inevitable, but neither party does anything to reverse the crash that we are all facing.”

RB – Is there an awakening of religious commitment that will bring America back to a more moralistic existence or have we gone way beyond the limits of acceptance that will bring about our own ultimate destruction like so many empires and world dominating governments of the past?

JF – “It’s the only thing that can save America from going the way of other empires. The prescription is found in II Chronicles 7:14. It means the remnant of believers need to humble themselves, pray, seek His face and turn from their wicked ways, then God will hear out prayers, forgive our sin and heal our nation. It’s a great promise from God. But we’re still waiting for believers to do it. This is a prescription for THEM, not the rest of America.”

RB – What must happen in the next two years to “protect” America from any last minute final pushes for a socialistic legacy from this president and his desire for “fundamentally changing America?”

JF – “Again, the only thing that will save us is an awakening by believers with regard to II Chronicles 7:14. I am absolutely convinced that’s the only way out.”

RB – Is there an emerging Ronald Reagan on the horizon or are we destined to continually pick a candidate from former losers, political has-beens and those of constant changing viewpoints? Is there a candidate for Joseph Farah in this 2016 election?

JF – ”There are some excellent people who are likely to run: Ben Carson and Mike Huckabee come immediately to mind. But it’s a tough row to hoe.”

RB – Your time is certainly appreciated. Are there any final thoughts of wisdom, words of warning for America as we enter what could be the most important election cycle of our history?

JF – ” Here’s my prescription for a good candidate: Ask if we still believe in limited government – or is that an old-fashioned, archaic idea from the past? Should government be operating under prescribed limits? Is it now? Does either party still believe in constitutional limits on the power of government? What evidence do we have for that?”

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