As I was driving this morning I was struck with how truly insane the left has become in this country. No longer just a party to express opposing views and alternatives to the conservative side of the slate, but a violent, pushy, intrusive, damaging, destructrive force that has no ideas – just obstructive resistance.

In the universe we live in, there are checks and balances, rights and wrongs, truths and falsehoods. Yet the liberal/progressive groups have taken it upon themselves to demand respect instead of earning it.

My FBI, CIA, NSA, and other official contacts remind me that we’re in a time of aggressive actions by our opposition enemies, and if we falter in our response and duty to protect and defend… we’ll lose the freedoms and the country so many have died for.

The Left’s Agenda:

They push their agendas rather then presenting them for consideration. There is no consideration with the left – only “this is it, take it or else we’ll destroy you.

We put up with lies for the 8 years of Obama related to healthcare, foreign relations, the economy and immigration and personal responsibilities.

We saw the leftist ideas explode and double our national debt 100% + with no answers to control it. Only a desire to gain popularity through social agendas.

Last year we saw a left wing advocate enter a baseball field of conservatives enjoying a spirited sport, and yet instead of carrying a protest sign, his operated a killing weapon shooting several till he himself was killed.

We saw this week where a former top US law official in the country advocated for kicking people when they are down for their political expressions. And, as an extension of his and other’s direct or implied instructions, we don’t see demonstrators or protestors, we experience the hand of violence through mobs – angry, shoving, rock throwing, fire-bomb tossing thugs.

They’re not seeking poignant, rational, America improving discussion, but anarchy, rebellion and disorder. All subsidized by anti-American forces set to dismantle our union. Ten will get you twenty they didn’t just come from a church service or conservative meeting hall.

We saw hundreds of thousands of illegals allowed into this country with open arms, flooding our countrysides and draining our resources for healthcare, education, housing, social benefits and incarceration costs. What are they contributing?

We’ve seen governmental departments like the IRS and others persecute and prosecute opposing political groups for their opinions. Denying rights and legal expression.

We’ve seen top officials and party hacks lie and manipulate the system in order to spy on an opposition party, and individuals wrongly accused. All while committing crimes and covering their own tracks.

Our country was founded under the tenets of freedom and God given rights, and yet we now openly see candidates supporting and spouting socialist views which are contrary to our capitalistic systems.

And we see increasing numbers of Muslim candidates running for office. KEEP IN MIND that their religious beliefs, their agendas and culture DO NOT align with our constitutional form of government so ask…. why run for office if not to subvert and destroy?

We saw immigration from refugees overtake some of our cities and integration is NOT their goal.

We continually see the education system spin clockwise down the drain of humanity offering safe spaces, playdough distractions, pamper puppies while dismissing the truth and logic of ANY right oriented opinion. Shouting, screaming, pushing and shoving their way into buildings to demand their rights, their views be adhered to.

We see schools taking more and more American history out of the classroom. They don’t teach civics any more and instead replacing with socialistic ideas, Muslim prayers, hateful anti-American agendas.

We see a left sided congress that oppresses truth, fighting at every turn an agenda created by one of America’s best presidents – ignoring a booming economy, growing jobs, reduced unemployment, lower welfare numbers, better trade deals, a real plan for national security, help for the opioid addicted, foreign held hostages returned, and a more respected and efficient foreign policy NOT related to planes loaded with cash for our enemies.

In what appears to be a complete lie and set up against one of the most qualified SCOTUS nominations ever, women started coming out of the woodwork claiming sexual assaults with NO facts, NO witnesses, NO filed police reports, NO medical records, NO personal supportive evidence but.. .they had a story that interrupted our system for weeks. Where were they a week, a month, a year, a decade before the nomination? Didn’t it matter then if it were a real assault?

AND the left was complicit in holding word of these accusations til the last minute when their other failed attempts to block Judge Kavanaugh had gone by the wayside.

So in general, I just find it’s MOST important that truth and reason dictate this midterm election. We must find and support the best candidates for America – not for an agenda meant to enrich individuals or a party with power to be abused.

I steal a line from a movie about a person’s motivation for seeking the “Holy Grail, the cup of Christ.” “Do you seek it for your glory, or for his? It should be the same ask of people seeking public office.

It’s time for the lies to end. It’s time for the manipulation and unpatriotic actions to end. It’s time for reason and truth to prevail. IT’S OUR FUTURE at stake and if we don’t do anything to preserve our country, we’ll lose it in the dust of confusion, pooled in the blood of wasted patriotism under the slow, dull sword of tyranny.

These were simple, reflective thoughts. Not overly complicated, just personal reactions to the everyday news we experience and the forces we’re meant to fight against.

We’ll be writing more on this in the future, but consider your rights under Article V of the Constitution for a Convention of States.

God bless America!



RB ~

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