I humbly stand here today to say thanks for taking a leap of faith and electing me president. I am someone not previously in the limelight, never in politics, and what I truly consider to be a common man working hard to get through life.

I could stand here for an hour on this cold winter’s day in January 2017, and pontificate on the many plans and goals, optimistic directions and empty promises, but instead, I choose to lay out some simple concepts.

Hopefully these concepts will restore this country to its greatness. Simple, logical, cogent ideals that, are deeply-rooted in our Constitutional freedoms and practices which are not self-serving, not tyrannical, not invasive of our lives and liberties.

I’ll lay out quickly each area and over the next few weeks and months, and you’ll see how I’ll work to make these unfold and blossom into a better America.


We were conceived as a country of patriots who fought and died to separate ourselves from the tyranny of control and unwarranted and excessive taxation. We wanted to be free individuals, able to seek and carve our own destinies, and our founding fathers envisioned that right and opportunity when they conceived our founding documents.

So I will be working with congress to scale back and in some cases eliminate the intrusive actions into the private lives and living of our citizens. Make no mistake, if you’re a criminal or a terrorist, if you have plans and plots against this country, we will find you, follow you and deal with you in a manner consistent with our laws.

But our everyday, hardworking citizenry should have no fear about spying into phone calls and emails to their grandmother or friends.

Protecting America:

I take seriously the protecting of our country, its people, resources and way of life. The Unites States of America has been a beacon of freedom and truth and we are an exceptional country. Not that we are better than other countries, but more unique, with a different approach to living, working and creating our own individual opportunities and destinies.

We have proven to be the most generous country when it comes to helping our fellow man through natural disasters and this is possible by being the most successful country, allowing each individual to develop his own wealth and to control it as he sees fit.

To those who seek to come here to live and work…. we say welcome. But make a note. THE BORDERS ARE NOW CLOSED to just freely walking across and entering the lives of Americans. We are a country of laws and those will be enforced. There’s no free ride any more, no “come on in EVERYONE is welcome.” We have a process and that WILL be enforced. Entering this country without permission and papers is a crime and we will deal with it accordingly.

This concept not only deals with our economy but our national security. Try to enter this country with the purpose of harming its people, military, government and way of life – you will pay the price. We will work quickly to erect and physical and virtual barriers on our borders and the military will be used to protect this country.

And those veterans seeking employment will be first in line for the work in this endeavor in areas of construction, technology, managing, and guarding our country as experienced, private citizens.

You cannot, will not come here to live off the backs of hard working people who are striving to make their own way in life. If you have something to offer society, to contribute, to enrich this country, then welcome. But coming for free healthcare, education, housing and other benefits will no longer be the norm.

On that note, I’ll work to revise the welfare system in this country. We have reached the point where there are more people taking from the system than contributing to it. This is wrong, unmanageable and unsustainable. This forces us into non-productivity and without a country generating wealth and resources, we fall prey to poverty, despair and our enemies.

Take note: I believe in a safety net for those in need. I do not believe it’s a hammock. We need to and want to help our fellow man but it’s a “give” as well as a “take” scenario. I believe that most people genuinely want to work, want to have better lives and way of living. Sitting on the couch watching TV waiting for the EBT card to come in the mail is not a goal of most Americans. So we’ll work to make opportunities but the day of non-productivity is coming to a close.

And on the topic of protecting America, our military once again will grow and become the best in the world. No more social agendas, no more releasing our experienced well trained personnel so that immigrants can have a job, no more losing those officers who have dedicated their lives to protecting us.

We ARE in a war on terror. There ARE terrorists in the world. They have an agenda, and so do I. We will stop at nothing as we’ll go anywhere to respond to those who would stand against us. But we will do so swiftly, decisively, thoroughly and totally. We will take no prisoners. We will not be building roads and schools, defending your oil fields or establishing your government. We will be where it’s needed to protect and defend and nothing else.

We have the best technology in the world and need the best personnel to operate it. Our military has a proud history and while it will not be used for aggression and invasion, it will be used to protect our country, its citizens and assets around the world. We will reestablish the principal of no man left behind so that situations like Benghazi never again stain our history.

I’m a peace loving individual, not a hawk, but an eagle watching over this which I have been entrusted and will serve as the aggressive, protective mongoose the people of this great country deserve when needed.


We are a rich country: Wealthy in people, resources, ideas and ethics. We need to apply logical efficient ideals to our own future in the area of energy development and management.

Immediately I will work to open the oil fields of Prudhoe Bay, the largest oil field in the United States and North America, as well as ANWR. These are strategic resources that need to be developed and used wisely, and to waste them costs the American public billions of hard earned dollars, sending some $433 BILLION overseas in 2012 alone.

That is money that would greatly increase our own economy reducing our unsustainable debt, providing jobs, opportunities, savings and security by not allowing us to be dependent on those who might do us harm.

But to those environmentalists who are as I speak starting their sign making and chants I say this – the work in developing Alaska, offshore or anywhere else for oil production WILL BE DONE RESPONSIBLY with techniques, technology and people who are accustomed to doing things correctly for the safety of people and the environment. We own cars, planes, tanks and trains that depend on oil – get over it.

My plans for energy development, is not a blanket license to rape and pillage the land for the sake of profit. We are a capitalistic society and profits are good for they allow people to make a living, live according to their efforts, contribute to help others, and those who think that making a profit is bad…try living with no money for a month and see how it fits your new life without heat or air conditioning, food, music, or shelter. But the oil industry will be responsible in its growth.

With that in mind, I am disbanding the Dept. of Energy for it has become a wasteland of inefficient efforts. They create no energy they offer no solutions to our current or future energy problems yet spend over $30 BILLION a year doing it.

We have the ability to responsibly become energy independent not only for ourselves, but to supply other parts of the world and thereby adding to our export economy.


The education of our youth is of paramount importance to me and the country. They are our future. It’s not only for their own good to be prepared to live and work in this world, but a necessity for our economy for they shall be contributors and not takers. Educated, prepared people live better lives, and enjoy more of what this country has to offer.

But the management of this area of our society has become overrun with political and socialist ideals. Too many seek to control this for their own personal, political and economic gains. No more.

Education in the areas of real math, the sciences, true American history and the basics of living are important in creating good solid citizens. 22 plus 22 is simply 44. It’s not 2+ 2 times 4 plus (4X4) plus 8 or whatever convoluted Common Core method to arrive at simple answers. We have become a society overrun with agendas and ideologies.

We have a proud history in this country and our youth need to know its good, its benefits and how things work for the betterment of society. No longer will history be rewritten for the sake of social or political agendas.

It’s my belief that the people who know best about our children, their needs and future are the local communities. The local school board, the parents and people who live down the block, run the businesses and live with the children we’re trying to raise.

Therefore I will be working to disband the Dept. of Education. People in Washington have no real idea of the day to day lives of those in Kansas, Idaho or Maine and what is needed to educate. Local boards should manage according to a set of standards – not procedures – for what is required to grow and function in today’s society. Again, politics and socialistic ideals have no place in making our children smarter.

College is a lofty goal and we need graduates to work in many high tech areas, medicine and other areas. But there is also a need for people trained in those areas of most interest to them. Areas of construction, manufacturing, and technologies best taught in trade schools and other venues efficient for the time and money spent.

Government waste:

Everyday people work hard, they deserve the best from their government and that can’t be achieved when we’re spending $387,000 studying Swedish massage on rabbits, $804,000 on a smartphone app called “kiddio”, $856,000 teaching lions to walk on treadmills, or over $104 MILLION for a harbor and airport for a community of 75 that has no roads, $2 MILLION for a Dept. of Agriculture intern program (only one was hired), $24 MILLION for internet routers for West Virginia schools (each router can serve tens of thousands of users at a cost of $22,600 each – but each location only has a few users) or even $10,000 to watch the growth rate of saltmarsh grass.

This has got to stop and I’ll work to stop it. American do not work hard so that their government can waste money paying off political favors and studying things that have no meaning or purpose. It stops tomorrow.

We’re entrusted with the public’s money and it needs to be spent wisely on important issues related to our country’s defense, infrastructure, and growth – not social experiments.


Our tax system has been a burdensome joke for decades. Even when you call the IRS for questions they disclaim that their information is binding and they aren’t responsible for what they tell you.

Tens of thousands of pages of tax law that only confuse and mislead…how can you run a country that encourages mistakes or even dishonesty from honest people? We need to bring everyone into the tax system so that those who work and live in an underground society are paying their fair share but it’s also accommodating to those in need.

I will be proposing the elimination of the IRS and that we adopt a simple, fair and inclusive system similar to the Fair Tax. One based on the money you spend, not the money you make. This will bring everyone into the tax paying system, encourage growth of businesses that can now spend their time and money developing their business and not completing paperwork.

Everyone will pay taxes, but for those more in need and less capable of contributing, there are safeguards to help them. And overall cost of living will stabilize and decrease as companies will no longer be “passing along the taxes” they are required to pay.

There are many areas similar to these that I want to address quickly as this country needs to reestablish itself as a world leader. We need to let the private sector create the jobs and opportunities, not government.

For those displaced through the elimination of government programs, there will be some scaled back oversight positions to ensure that simplified laws are met, and there is some review but the days of countless people sitting at desks doing nothing, even people being paid for not working or even showing up are over. We can’t afford it.

And with the growth of the private sector, energy and manufacturing industries, more jobs will be created there to absorb those no longer paid by a bloated wasteful government.

It’s my feeling that states and cities have the power to better oversee their monetary resources. Sending money to Washington so it can be wasted and then whatever is left being split up and doled back out to the states again makes no sense. The more you handle a product, a commodity, or even money, the more people are involved and the more money wasted accounting for it.

Today there is a new president and it’s a new day. A “revisioning,” if you will, of what America has been and should be again. The return of those freedoms, rights AND responsibilities that belong to Americans. We’re a country of freedoms, not free rides. A land of help me up not handouts, a country deserving of, and expecting the best from its government and its people.

God bless you and God bless America.

[Wouldn’t it be nice to hear this speech instead of the rhetoric and empty lies that we’ll probably get in 2017 if certain people are elected?]



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