It’s a special day. A memorable day. A day which, even though it rolls around every year, never looses its important meaning to those who cherish freedom and the rare opportunity we have to live, work and enjoy life.

It is our duty, our obligation, and our distinct honor to remember those who gave so much to the existence of our country; To those who died in the liberation of our country and to those who kept us free and secure over the years. 

To many these days, they feel everyone owes them, everyone should support them and “give” to them just because, when in fact it is everyone’s personal responsibility to contribute to society, and millions over the years have given much more than we have the right to ask.

As a veteran with many veteran friends, there’s a sense of inner pride seeing men and women in uniform and knowing the sacrifice they make away from their lives; separated from family and departed from the comforts of home in order to fulfill a higher calling – the protection of our country from enemies abroad.

I and my many friends remember, honor and thank those who give everything to keep us free and safe. May we all live under the flag of freedom with gratitude that they made available to us through their service and sacrifice.

God bless America.



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