2018 – The year of the ultimate Washington cleanup? Will it salvage America’s freedoms and reputation?

Will this be the year that Washington corruption sees its doom?

Will they feel the fear, the wrath of truth? It’s a fear forged in our founding fathers beliefs of freedom, equality and justice.

When Trump ran for president, many proclaimed his questionable past, his business dealings, his “Russian” connections. And yet being unproven he still pushes forward with his agenda to “Make America Great Again.” Will his inquisition and accusations finally fade away while the real truths of DC be judiciously dealt with?

In fulfilling his duties as president, and meeting his promises to improve this country, could he ever have known – or even thought – that such corruption was not only present, but prevalent in his new city of residence? Was he prepared to meet the challenges of lies, deceit, misinformation and political hackery?

like rats from that famous ship, we see the dumpster diving antics of politicians leaping for security away from their desks of deception rather than being exposed for the vermin they are. But we all live in hope that the prescribed pesticide of precept will find them in their duplicitous dens of deceit. We’ve seen an FBI director get fired leaving multiple questions of lawbreaking in his own wake. Replaced by another whose wife took hundreds of thousands of dollars in her democratic campaign causing serious conflict of interest proclamations. And so many of this DOJ clan are tainted with their own involvements into the Uranium One debacle as to be laughable in any serious discussion. We’ve seen an impotent Attorney General who seems to bypass any opportunity to defend the rule of law by not fully pursuing those who, in the eyes of the general public, have commited open and overt acts of corruption, lawlessness and possibly treason. yes, treason. What else do you call selling out America?

We’ve seen a special council appointed who is hell bent on finding, what seems to be, non-existent evidence of a US hating Trump and his imaginary “Russian Connection”, while a previous president’s political book is laid open with more and more pages stained with the blood of American lives, potential treasonous acts, and an agenda that bespeaks of nothing aligned with truth and patriotism.

Is this drawn out charade of justice meant to delay the inevitable until the presence of a new “leftier” congress is in place to carry out the impeachment marching orders of the radical progressives with more unsupported rhetoric from this wasteful effort?

And through all this, we again see the Clintons at the middle of scheme after scheme after slimy money grabbing scheme. All designed to personally enrich themselves, sell their influence and power. But are they now skating on the thin ice of lies over a sea of opposition and truth? Are their chickens about to visit home and walk right through the front door? Are they close to seeing the justice so many in this country want for their concealed crimes again the country and possibly truly innocent individuals?

Bill’s, speaking fees from a Russian bank involved with a cobal to take over partial control of a valuable American resource. The globe circling foundation, with their tens of millions of foreign dollars that serve to fill the silk lined pockets of the Clintons – all of them – rather than serving the starving, unclothed masses continually extolled most vociferously to gain the exchange of more and more checks and favors. Are these funds gathered for the purpose of buying a seat at the Clinton table of power to further their estranged grip on American assets and privilege?

All while, yes… American uranium was shipped out of the country to…. well, we’re not sure yet where to except it’s not here where it belongs. Uranium rich ore, a valuable resource not just for the making of weapons, but used for valuable medical isotopes such as Molybdenum-99 (Mo-99 or “moly-99”). A commodity we need for life saving research and treatments for some 56,000 citizens a day – but instead of making it here, we spend millions to import it because we have a shortage of… uranium.

The growing “email scandal” is still off the front burner but slowly making its way from the rear of discussions as people see the veiled attempts to run questionable activities out of public view. Destroying evidence after issued subpoenas? The use of unsecured resources putting our country and its secrets at risk? Hammering and hiding Blackberrys, laptops and smartphones for the purpose of… well, who really knows yet at this point.

The DNC reveling in its own misdeeds paying for concocted files on a political rival under the guise of “opposition research”. A ruse involving participation of the nation’s top law enforcement agency and possibly their money- OUR money? A falsehood potentially used to obtain illegal warrants for the purpose of spying on their opposition, then… involving people and information obtained to prosecute for the purpose of political control and destruction?

And we haven’t touched on the sex scandals that are “exposing themselves” at every turn of the congressional calendar, or the other DNC and office holders whose actions exhibit questionable legalities in the lofty positions they hold.

And will B Hussein finally be exposed for his socialist/fascist/Communist/Muslim accommodating destructiveness he wrought, and, worse yet, will America care enough to perceive their responsibility to follow through? Will his continued opposition to this country and its principals through his Organizing for Action group, boasting tens of thousands of lemmings out to disrupt our society, have its desired affect on our freedom? Will his cohorts of Lynch, Holder, Rice, Lerner and countless hidden others be swept into the light of truth to face their rightful day in court?

Will his revealed actions teach America a lesson of how close we came to political and economic meltdown, or will the blind obsession of the left keep wielding the sword of socialism till a NWO emerges to control us through some power hungry group like the UN invading our borders?

Coming soon, we look at the DOJ from the inside, from the perspective of the youngest Assistant US Attorney to hold the office in the 90’s, and we see how things have changed into the cesspool of dishonesty, disloyalty and the furthering falsehoods we have today. Could such a brothel of brummagem have been seen and even imagined for this great country?

Sidney Powell will expose this for what it is. Her recent book, Licensed to Lie, is more telling now than ever about the dangers present, and the ones yet to come.

If our leaders fulfill their appropriate and expected duties, the unraveling of this onerous onion will continue and we’ll see more and more of the lies we’ve been living under, and allow true justice to take its course.

Washington should fear the light of day. They should understand their time of treasonous actions is about to come to a close as America exposes them for what they are; And dispenses justice on their deeds. Yes, it’s a fear forged in our founding fathers beliefs of freedom, equality and justice.

As we look forward to a new year, may we all find peace, prosperity, personal power and presence of mind to better ourselves and our country.

God bless America.