I’ve taken a couple days to think. Think about our election, its results for America – now and in the future.

This isn’t meant to be overly negative and certainly not racist. It’s just meaningful observation and my thoughts and conclusion. You make your own conclusions because you have to answer for, and be responsible for your own lives.

We’re a country falling apart. We’ve got a government gone mad. We’re run by leaders with no morals, ethics or no sense. During the devastation of our recent storm we had a mayor that wouldn’t allow the national guard in to help prevent looting because they carry guns. He wouldn’t allow food donations to the homeless because the city couldn’t verify salt, fiber or fat content. We had states where more people voted than lived there – yet no one seems to care or question. Qualified power company workers came from afar to the aid of their fellow citizens in a time when NY and NJ needed power for heat, keeping food and just living only to be turned away because they “weren’t union workers.”

We’re a country that refuses to plan ahead. We sit on the largest natural supplies of energy in the word yet are willing to send $200+ BILLION a year to our enemies so we can drive our cars without running a pipeline or drilling a well. We subjugate our desire for continued self-reliance by giving more power to world organizations so they can control our waterways, our laws, our energy rights, internet and gun laws. I’ve been self-employed my whole life and know what I need to do for tomorrow. So not having water, food and fuel positioned for one of the largest storms of the century doesn’t make sense. Although it’s probably as governmentally brilliant as closing a needed FEMA office because of weather.

We have national media, once made up of respected journalists, who now either #1 won’t tell us what’s going on or #2 will lie about it for the sake of keeping a man in office. They hide things and twist things so that reality and meaning are what they want you to think – not what is. And it does make one wonder their reasoning for such deception.

We have a president who blatantly lies and thinks nothing of it. He lied to mislead during his first campaign promising anything to anyone just to get elected. There are reasons for this I’d like to cover in my next contribution. I thought America had come further than this but we continue to be dumber and more senseless and will buy into anything as long as it gets us stuff. FREE stuff.

He lied in office about activities and his people (whom he touts as qualified yet some have no experience for the jobs they hold – like him), and covers up maleficence with executive orders and stonewalling. He is willing to put Americans at risk, ignoring facts and truths, for the sake of….. well who really knows why…. And then will lie about it in order to cover his mistakes AND thinking the American is stupid enough not to care or will never find out – he’s probably partially right.

We know that America is changing. O’Reilly said it first and then Limbaugh and others are echoing the fact that it isn’t “a white America” any more. We didn’t start out to be or deliberately form our country as such – it happened based on where we came from. We’re now a changing nation more full of minorities than ever before. Pat Buchanan mentioned that he grew up in a neighborhood that was 3% minority – now it’s 33%. We’re being overrun from the south with Hispanics and others – some legal and most illegal – and while some come with good intentions and seeking jobs, they’re not for engineering or technical skills but yard workers, construction workers, and maids. We’re not “making” any more in America we’re just “doing.” And that’s not productive or stable. Think about the great achievers like Steve Jobs or Bill Gates or others. How old are they? Any new inventions, processes or innovations lately from 20 or 30 year olds?

Through immigration and birth, there’s more Hispanics and blacks (being Welsh American myself, African American is not a term I think is needed) and middle easterners than ever and in most cases they bring with them a mentally that is different. America was born out of rebellion, born to be free, open and independent from government but dependent only on the ingenuity and creativity of its people. One where just about any opportunity was available to anyone that wanted to invest his time, brain and money to make as much money and success as he wanted: and in the process made opportunity and money for others who worked for him and alongside him until such time that many broke away to do their own thing. Today success is a bad thing, unacceptable, demonized and Obama even has plans to limit executive compensation because “it’s not fair” that some make more than others.

And if you do make a success of yourself, then it’s important you GIVE part or most of that success to those who are “less fortunate” which generally means the lazy in our society whose numbers are growing by the month. We’re a giving nation but we give by choice, not by dictate of the government. And when you have 73 % – 73% – of black children being born without a father in the house, who’s providing for those kids? The taxpayer through medical services, PELL grants, housing, food stamps, Aid to dependent children, free medical and educational benefits, free transportation, affirmative action opportunities, money and checks just given…. For no reason than others have… and they don’t. Even now many pay more than half – HALF – of what they make in taxes. Why work 6 months every year for someone else? Aren’t these people’s own families and futures as important as those who choose to take a less productive path in life? And before you get yourselves in a fit, I’m not talking about the truly misfortunate or unlucky. We need safety nets, we don’t need safety living.

This election was won because of one reason: Those taking outnumber those making. They want more stuff. They want those food stamps and government union jobs with life time benefits no one can afford. They want those Obama-phones and my friends the numbers are growing and they will not stop. Obama won with less votes than got him in office in the first place but there’s a growing number that say “hey… If he’s in office, I can get mine.”

We are seeing the change of America and it’s not good. There’s a chance it may not be good again because these numbers are growing out of control and we have a complicit government that is happy to accommodate so as to gain more and more control… and the people are happy to take more and more free stuff. I don’t mean to overemphasize this out of proportion but it’s true, it’s happening, and if we don’t see it then we are blind and doomed to our own fate as others dictate to us.

I’m not sure about you but I question that I want to live in a country run by minorities. Not because of the color of their skin, but because of their mindset and expectations that we will provide all…. and that’s what’s happening. Some have said we need to educate and change their thinking – well I’m not sure but I don’t think you can legislate intelligence and morality. I said while living and running a business in California in the 90’s that one day this country would be controlled by the illegal, the illiterate, the lazy and stupid of our society – well… it’s happened and when a majority of people vote back into office a guy who has driven us to the financial brink of existence, has demeaned our friends and emboldened our enemies, driven up poverty, reduced household incomes, increased welfare and the “gimme mine” numbers while increasing taxes to pay for it… then you can see where we’re headed. And it’s not going to change because we’re on a path.



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