God forbid that everyday citizenry ever faces the runaway wrath of the FBI, CIA or any government agency seeking not the truth, but lies and falsehoods to meet an ideological. partisan agenda. The pressures brought to bear, the threats and techniques to elicit words and wrongful confirmations meant to damage people, society, a country.

True, legitimate investigative journalists study and practice their craft in order to seek out truths meant to appraise, enlighten, warn their followers. But when it meets the needs of a tyrannical, malevolent government whose goals are nefarious enough to bring down an entire nation, their tactics shift, twisting the truth into ropes and forging restrictive chains that bind realism and forces compliance.

Such was the attempt we see with Dr. Corsi and his interaction with the FBI and Robert Mueller’s “anti-Trump” campaign of delusional objectives. Intentions developed and schemed by a left-leaning ideology, not rooted in law, but in corruption to undo a much sought after elected high office and to damage those – anyone – associated with the outcome of the people’s wishes.

Dr. Corsi was one person not willing to sacrifice truth for comfort; not willing to give up even his freedom for the sake of succumbing to their wishes – the demands – of those out to destroy a president. Our thanks to him for his patriotic actions and his time in doing these interviews. This is Part 3 of our discussion. Part 1 can be found HERE and Part 2 can be found HERE.


RB ~ You’ve been in many situations over the years where you’ve questioned the status quo, sought better, more truthful answers. And yet, the attempts to destroy you for your ideas and work?

JC ~ “Now we’re at the point where the Mueller people tried to destroy me, tried to imprison me, silence me – they didn’t succeed. I didn’t become afraid to go square their lies in front of a judge or God. I knew I hadn’t lied. They didn’t even charge me although they said they could prove it in court. I think that my NOT giving a link to Assange broke Mueller’s investigation. I think it was a key point that broke the whole Russian collusion investigation.  And they couldn’t bend me or break me – they tried – they did everything they could to threatened me.

I think my books “Silent No More” and “Killing the Deep State” are the best explanation. There were a lot of books that came after that and picked up on the theme, but we have a weak bureaucratic group leading the government, that really does not have a link to the constitution. They’re increasingly oriented toward an international tie to communism and socialism.

Human beings are attached to families, to where they live, to a national identity and that’s human nature.  The dream of the hard left has been to take all that apart.

At 72 years old, I’ll continue working, although the left is making it very hard for anyone not agreeing with their ideology to be able to make a living being a journalist. Or earn a living as a writer. They try to marginalize you – demonize you – and I’ve begun a large lawsuit to fight it in the courts.”

RB ~ If people would only investigate they see comments and ideas from people like Anita Dunn and radical John Holdren who said, “the problem with putting sterilant in the public water supply would be that people would oppose it,”  leading to Agenda 21 I guess, and Ron Bloom who quoted Mao about political power coming from the barrel of a gun. They would see these power seeking ideas really festering.

JC ~ “These are all ideas that stem from wanting to put the government in power and having government controlling every aspect of our lives – bureaucrats being able to do everything.  Bureaucrats typically take their petty personal ideas and impose them on everyone else. When you’ve got a uniform ideology on the left like Strzok and Page in the bureaucracy, so determined to win, they’re tearing down institutions and demonizing America and the constitution, and anything they can do including treason is acceptable as long as it destroys America…”

RB ~ …and they don’t see it as treason…

JC ~…”No, it’s a noble cause. In living through all these periods of time, my fundamental beliefs I’ve always had are in the constitution and God. These have not changed. It’s just that the Democratic party since the ’60s, starting after John Kennedy was killed, have moved so dramatically. I’ve always been patriotic. I went to enlist but was rejected, I’ve worked in government research in universities, and was always trying to do my duty as I could.”

RB ~ And what about foreign interventions like Venezuela, or better yet working to better America internally?

JC ~ “I don’t want us getting involved in Venezuela. I think it would be a mistake. Venezuelans have to solve their own problems and eventually they will. These countries going hard left will eventually hit the wall, but they have to be allowed to hit the wall on their own.

I’d rather we start taking care of issues in America and I’d start with the schools.”

RB ~  In thinking about your current book “Silent No More,” and I’m wondering about that whole Mueller fiasco, its motivations, and effects.

JC ~ “I went into that thinking I could cooperate. I asked my attorney last August, could the FBI get a search warrant, break down my door, ransack the house take what they want, and he said: “yes, they could.” So, I said, let’s give them everything, my computers, external hard drives with back up information, my email accounts, cell phone; nothing I had was relevant, it was much more than they needed but I gave them everything I had.

From the beginning, they played this memory trap game. We could have simplified this if they just said they were interested in whether or not I had an association with Assange. I told them “I never did contact Assange.” But instead, they have to go through asking you questions about “did you ever want to go and see Assange” and I said, “no not really.”  And then they say well, there’s this email here from July 2016 you passed on to Ted Malick from Roger Stone talking about going to see Assange. I never went to see Assange and it would not have been a crime if I did.

So they say, “Because you forgot this email you lied to us. We can demonstratively prove that what you said was false.” They allowed me 10 days to review my emails so I took the time and reviewed things and then went back in and told Mueller’s team I wanted to amend my testimony.

They allowed me to do that but then when they blew this all up, and I couldn’t give them a contact with Assange, which they were sure I had. They wanted to charge me with my memory mistake and go into court and swear I knew the information I gave them was false, and I refused to – thinking it was fraudulent to do so.”

RB ~ Was there any professionalism in their approach or just jack-booted thuggery throughout their interrogations?

JC ~ “They pick you up at your hotel and drive you to this unmarked FBI building in the southeast of DC, into the garage. They have this safe room where you give up all your laptops, cell phones and everything electronic. They then take you to an internal conference room with no windows, no clock. There’s a big conference table and across from us were three of Mueller’s top prosecutors and 6-9 FBI personnel.  There’s so many of them they wrap around the ends of the table. and they start asking you questions. They had this big thick book with my name on it. And they won’t give you information but force you to remember things from years ago. I’ve got 50,000 emails from then, how can I remember 50,000 emails?

They make it a frightening experience. They all stormed out of the room, they call my attorney out and they leave me there alone pacing the floor for an hour wondering what they’re going to do. My attorney comes back in and says “they can put you in prison the rest of your life.” And then  they offer this plea deal and they say “if you don’t take the plea deal, we’ll charge you with multiple counts, including obstruction of justice and bring you in front of a jury in Washington DC that’ll hate you and we’ll try to get you 25 years or longer.” I said, “I’m 72 years old, that’s a lifetime sentence, I’ll die in prison.” Or they say, “you’ll spend $2 million defending yourself, bankrupt your family, put you in prison, destroy your whole family, you won’t see your wife or grandchildren outside of prison, everything you’ve built will be lost, or you can plead to this one count and then we will tell the judge that you deserve mercy and we will ask for no prison time – and that’s the only way you’ll get no prison time.”  I said, “if that’s the way it is… put me in prison for the rest of my life.

It’s the only way I could respond to them. I won’t lie before God. I went on One America News Network the Monday after Thanksgiving and told them I was not taking the deal. I hadn’t told my attorney yet, but I was waiting for them to come any day and arrest me. I was writing that book while all this was happening, and you can read how terrifying it was.

They want you to lie, they want you to read their scripts. They wanted to get Donald Trump for treason as a Russian agent – they didn’t have a crime.”

RB ~ I think Trump has been a victim of bad advice and influences. I look at people like Sessions and wonder what he was doing there.

JC ~ “He must have been compromised and scared. You can’t deal with these people and be frightened. They want you to feel frightened. I basically told them to take a hike I’m not playing with you guys. You can put me in prison, I can die in prison.

If you don’t agree with them ideologically, we’re the enemy, they want to destroy us, they want us to be in prison, they want us to be shut up. They want us to not work and earn a living. That’s what they want.”

RB ~ Any thoughts on 2020?

JC ~ “I think Trump will win because the Democrats don’t have a good argument to present to the people. You can’t win an election on hate Trump. Then we have to turn the table and prosecute these deep state criminals. Our mission is to restore justice and the American people’s confidence in the justice system and IRS.

In our intelligence agencies we’ve had justice with the blindfold off and the Democrats and socialists have had their hand on the scale; Clintons could do anything they want, commit any crime they want, nobody cares. This has to stop. These deep state criminals have to be indicted and brought to justice, and that’s going to happen in the next two years.”

RB ~ Do you think that’ll really happen?

JC ~ “Yes, that’s what my next book is going to be about.”

RB ~ Can’t wait for that one.


This has been a glimpse into the invaded life of Dr. Corsi, the inner workings of a fraudulent federal investigation gone askew, and his courage to stand up to that personal intrusion against unimaginable odds. Many people don’t respect specific people or like certain situations, explanations or interpretations. And yet the truth never waivers, never changes, never falters in its expression of reality or its attempts at accuracy.

We should all take a lesson from this Mueller experience and see what people – what government in the wrong hands, can and will do to achieve its threatening goals and serve its personal aggressive agendas.

I would highly recommend  getting and sharing a copy of Dr. Corsi’s books, “Silent No More” and “Killing the Deep State.” They will enlighten you to the truth and reality of the extensive powers of government overreach.

My thanks to Dr. Corsi for the time spent in these interviews and his participation in their review and presentation.


RB ~

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