In my talks with Dr. Corsi, there were so many points to be covered, it would lead to a book. (And he’s writing a new one now) He has such a varied background in so many political events and investigations. His Harvard Ph.D. giving insight, blatantly forthright in every case and his once ‘questioned views” proven justified. As in life, the truth will come out, and we’re seeing that now with the Deep State coup attempts against President Trump, the illegal antics of the FBI, our intel community, the Mueller investigation, and the overall Dem’s collusion delusion.

Here is Part 2 of our discussion. Part 1 can be found HERE and Part 3 HERE the explosive Mueller interrogation techniques and threats.


RB- In preparation for today I was thinking about two strong writers: Sidney Powell, whose book “Licensed to Lie” deals a lot with the incompetent/morally questionable people like Weissman in the 90’s and early 2000’s – protected and promoted by Mueller for more than two decades; while your latest book “Silent No More” deals with their questionable actions against citizens today. It seems like the fix is really in against Americans whether on the job, in college, on any subject and anywhere in America.

JC ~ “Well, you see the left is ideologically driven and are so righteous in their ideological convictions they will commit dastardly deeds to win – not adhering to a set of standards. They won’t shake hands and say ok, we lost you won, let’s move on to the next election. they don’t believe in that anymore.

it’s like in the Russia collusion, and in the Barr hearings, there’s been no evidence whatsoever despite massive unlimited funds, and resources and Mueller concluded there was no collusion. The left still thinks they didn’t look hard enough. If they’d looked further, they would have found it.

It’s not a proved point, it’s an ideological conviction and truth is not an acute ideological conviction. Another example here is global warming. There is evidence that the earth could be going into a minimal period and we could be getting colder. Strong evidence geologically, that carbon dioxide in the atmosphere doesn’t always lead to a warmer climate and that it’s not particularly influenced by human activity. They want to call us “Climate Deniers.”

The same would be pursuing the issue of Obama’s birth certificate now you’re a birther. That goes into Arpaio’s investigation of the birth certificate and the fact that the one released by the White House was fraudulent and we even found the original birth certificate from which it was forged.”

RB- Facts don’t seem to matter, reality doesn’t exist; it’s the collective radical agendas that are supreme.

JC ~ “And now on college campuses, the agenda has become so iconoclastic, that you can’t even appear on a campus if you disagree with them. And that fundamentally contrasts with the principals of the first amendment. These things get institutionalized. Obama put in the student loan program, making it possible that universities were going to be given massive amounts of money and they become indoctrination centers.

They want to cancel student debt, spend I can’t say how much on universal healthcare, $ 2 trillion for infrastructure, with no problem at all. I guess we just continue to print money. They keep saying that deficits don’t matter. But in classic economics, and certainly going back to our founding fathers, they wanted money to have a fixed value in relationship to gold. They wanted to avoid debt, and there was no income tax.
Today we’ve gone through the government confiscating our income and applying it to social services we may or may not agree with.”

RB- Some have said that if we took EVERYTHING from the rich: all their assets, money, stocks, homes, cars, planes and sold it off we might be able to run the government for a year at most and yet there’s an end to it. Landlords and real estate people in NYC are having trouble filling high-end condos and apartments due to vacancies from people that can’t afford to live there anymore.

JC ~ “That would never work. The top 1/3 always pays a vastly disproportionate share of taxes and they create the jobs everyone else depends on. And would you disrupt that and create policies that are increasingly being run by socialist governors and mayors? When you create confiscatory rates of taxation… people move.

The manufacturing centers of the country under democratic rule have lost a majority of their tax base.
It’s ideologically driven, it’s not fact relevant – facts don’t matter. When they look at Venezuela, they always think they’ll do it better, “we’re going to make it work this time”…it’s never happened.
In my case, I’ve been fighting against these things for 15 years.”


American’s don’t have a real clue (although they’re starting to see) the damaging effect of the left and their ideological ideas and ideals. In this next election of 2020, it’s not about one party against another – it’s about good vs. evil; proven capitalism against socialism; right vs. wrong, is there really a future for America.

In the revealing Part 3 of this interview, Dr. Corsi gives his in-depth account of the Mueller investigation, his facts dealing with his secluded room testimony, and his refusal to roll over for the prosecutors seeking the downfall of a president, risking life in prison for his truthful loyalty. Read the “deal from Mueller” and what the prosecutors had to say about his testimony.

As Dr. Corsi will say, “I won’t lie before God,” and you’ll see what he told America before he even told his attorneys.

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