As the new guy on the blog block here, it’s important to say that I hate rhetoric – from either side of the fence. I try to deal in facts and reality, for that’s what really affects us. We’re in a situation which seems to be growing worse by the day with more Executive Orders, laws, intrusions and regulations than you can shake your shrinking paycheck at. So I hope to address issues important to the future of ourselves and America. Hence I’d like to address:

Our health care (and America) in ruins? Not yet, but…

Health care is a major issue in America. Control health care and you control the people. The American system of healthcare is complicated and involved, and not something to be tampered with indiscriminately. It determines the outcome of the very lives of the people in its care.

Healthcare expenditures are about 18% of GDP with 20% expected by 2021. The Affordable Care Act (or as I call it BarryCare) wanted this jewel in their accomplishment column.

But let’s face the facts. BarryCare was never about health care. It’s about control. It’s a takeover of 18% of our country’s economy in probably its most important industry. And it was a means of introducing new laws and regulations hidden in a massive 2700 page law that no one read – not even the people who voted on it. 2700 PAGES! – And this doesn’t include the tens of thousands of pages of regulations. The laws and regulations to lay out the entire US highway infrastructure was only 28 pages.

But in its development and thought process, BarryCare was a cover for more sinister elements all of which fit into a master plan of what many believe it the destruction of America as we know it. And how could such a scheme be devised?
As described by Richard Poe:

“First proposed in 1966 and named after Columbia University sociologists Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, the “Cloward-Piven Strategy” seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.” —————————————-
Cloward and Piven championed the revolutionary idea of restarting the U.S. economy by “collapsing the system”[keep this in mind] and remaking it into one more favorable to the unions and socialist ideals. And that’s done by getting as many people on public assistance as possible.

Nothing is more able to “overwhelm the system“ than the government taking control. And with the help of unions, this public sector involvement is in everyone’s lives and taking more resources as cities and states can’t afford their pensions and benefits. And with more unions in the running of our government than ever before with Socialistic leaning groups like SEIU taking active rolls in our processes.

“As many people on public assistance as possible.” Ring any bells? We have more than 47,102,000 on food stamps (up nearly 3% over last year) and nearly 50% of all people getting some sort of subsistence check, handout, welfare support, housing and medical help etc. adding to the public assistance overload.
You teardown the economy (and increase their dependency) when you increase what people have to pay – taking their money – for things which are either not wanted, not needed or was covered by other means. What better way than through “healthcare reform?”

They said health care costs per family would go down by $2,500 a year when now in fact the costs have risen – an avg. of $2,500 a year. Employers expect an 8.5% increase in their medical costs next year. And those employers (and religious groups) that choose not to go against their principles are hit with fines and hassles. The Hobby Lobby faces $1.3 MILLION a day in fines because they choose not to provide abortion services in their health coverage.

HHS Sec. Sebelius said health care savings come by preventing medical errors with better-quality care, fighting fraud and bringing wealthier seniors into the Medicare Advantage program. She said “leading health systems” have been allowed to reduce costs by managing chronic care because of provisions in the federal health care law.

1) When has the gov’t ever saved money through better quality anything, fought fraud in anything and how many wealthy seniors rely on Medicare when they can afford the best care which usually isn’t available under Medicare?
2) By “reduce costs by managing chronic care… ” do they mean death panels, saving money by letting seniors die instead of getting treatment? Cheaper to have end of life consults than to provide medical care.
They said costs for BarryCare would only be about $900 BILLION over ten years. It’s not fully implemented yet and already the estimates are $2.7 TRILLION. A slight miscalculation or planned deception?
*The taking of people’s hard earned discretionary money is paramount and so… sell your house after Jan. 1st, 2013 and you’ll pay Uncle Barry another 3.8% in addition to any capital gains on your sale.
*BarryCare imposes a $40,000 fine for daring to hire a 50th employee without providing “government-sanctioned” health insurance.

*Part of control is putting people in uncontrollable situations leading to things like frustrations and even violence, lack of help and resources. How? Reduce the numbers of facilities with hospitals (BarryCare has already stopped construction of 45 physician owned hospitals) and more to close as a result of less funding, and an overwhelming new litany of regulations and reporting requirements, and of course reduce the numbers of doctors: Doctors either refusing Medicare patients (1/3 overall, 100-200 a year in TX alone) or leaving the field. Paul Wertsch, a primary physician in Wisconsin, billed Medicare $217 for a Medicare patient. Medicare reimbursed the clinic for $54.38. Later, a younger patient with the same infection, was charged the same $217. But a private insurer reimbursed the clinic for twice the amount of Medicare: $108.04.

Joseph Shanahan a rheumatologists in NC accepts Medicare patients. “The reimbursement is so low [with Medicare]—in some cases $60-80 —it costs you more to get a plumber to come to your house than to get a rheumatologist to come to the hospital,” he said. When people can’t make a profit or lose money… they get out of the business.

*Where better to gain more threatening personnel and control than by adding the most feared of all government agencies – the IRS – to the healthcare scenario? Some 16,500 new agents to enforce your compliance of a mandated purchase.

*After Jan 1st, 2013 all Social Security checks will be direct deposit. And the government will have total and complete access to your bank accounts. Don’t pay them… they just take the money.

*Reducing jobs will put more strain on the economy: CBO Director Doug Elmendorf says BarryCare will cost 800,000 jobs. Obama has given over 2,000 Waivers but… Again, less people to pay into the system with more people using it. And look at companies like Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Applebee’s, Papa John’s, Research in Motion, Smith & Nephew, Stryker, Boston Scientific, Medtronic, and many many others large and small letting people go.

*Adding to the money people pay out and the cost of just living, companies like Denny’s and Dairy Queen are adding 5% surcharge to their checks to cover BarryCare. Hey, it all adds up and this is just the beginning of passing on the costs and…will it stop at 5%?

*The 10% tax on tanning salons doesn’t seem like much of an imposition to most people BUT… it appears to be the first “federal sales tax.”

We’re about to be overrun with a law that was conceived out of control. Paid for with bribes to groups and senators for their support: Dem. Mary Landrieu and the “Louisiana Purchase” for $100 Million, AARP’s $18 Million stimulus, Dem. Ben Nelson and his “Cornhusker Kickback”, and numerous payoffs to unions and states.

The bottom line? The collapse of our economy means a takeover by a corrupt government to have more control and further invade our lives. Remember when life was simpler? If you wanted something you bought it – or didn’t. Not like the company you worked for, you changed jobs. Wanted more freedom and the chance to make more money? You struck out on your own and created your own Apple, Facebook, Google or Microsoft.

Now our life is intertwined with more regulations, controls, taxes, reporting, mandated this and that and we’re actually encouraged to make less so you can just be part of society instead of the evil rich which might – MIGHT – make more than $200k a year. The Obama admin actually ran radio ads IN MEXICO telling them how to come here and get on food stamps. And he seeks to limit executive pay.

Do you own research and see the games, lies, corruption and devastation associated with BarryCare. America isn’t free anymore. It’s been bought and paid for by corrupt politicians, unions and special interests who have used health care reform as the biggest camel nose in the history of tent making.



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