Rape; a horrible crime – not of sex, but of power and control. Its effects felt for decades by the unwilling victim set up on by one of society’s worst. The power and control that is sought yields short term satisfaction till the crime is revealed and punishments dispersed to those responsible. But the results reside and resonate as part of the sufferer’s psyche, embedded with malignant memories never asked for, never wanted, only forced as part of a sick scheme of domination for personal gratification.

The populus of California is seeing this same assault on their personal lives – the shifting and shuffling of their financial futures like Monopoly played out on the accounting books and landscape of their elected official’s domain. But as we all know… When you throw the dice and lie about money issues in the real world of the private sector, it’s called fraud. When the lie on the die comes from the lips and lofty citadels of elected officials… it’s merely politics and policies.

Kalifornia’s $100+ Billion Citizen Rape

Originally when Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown sought to bring his vision of a modern, multitude mobility model to reality, he was warned the cost to be in excess of $100 billion. Like the infamous 990 AD Canute (king of Norway, Denmark and England) who could not stem the tides of the North Sea, Brown could not accept nor sell a $100 billion train. So, he scoured the countryside for estimates, and then sought to sell his stylishly, more sensible $37 billion California icon to the people. An overly aggressive and deceptive betrayal to be completed in 2020. The people bought it: lock, stock and third rail.

Imagine settling back in plush, comfortable seats; consuming your snacks and drinks along with the panorama of the countryside; whizzing past cars, cows and  convenience stores at 220 miles an hour; and spending a mere $55 for the relaxing experience. Nice hey? But pipedreams become reality once the public wakes up and wipes the tax bill from their eyes.

In march of this year, the fantasy became fact with a new budget of $77 billion. A paltry, but significant increase of 20% more than the update from just two years ago of $64 billion. And of course,  spending more money takes more time so it’s to be done in 2033 instead of the recently updated 2029. And you’ll pop out $93 a ticket instead of the stipulated $55.

But, the reality is that George Jetson already has a high speed, low cost transport device between Los Angeles and San Fran. It’s called…. wait for it….. ” A Jet Plane.”

Moonbeam’s delusional dream planned for 120,000 riders a day making the railbound ramble, but truth be told (it’s what we do here) estimates are only about 7,000 – 29,000 passengers a day make a flight in 99 minutes for fares as low as $25 when you plan ahead, or around $65 on a more regular basis.

In February, it was unceremoniously announced that the first 119 miles would cost

$10.8 billion. Up from the original $6 billion. A slight uptick of more than 70%. And that’s over flat terrain not the mountain regions to come.

Keep in mind that, while already started, the state hasn’t an actual route, local support or environmental clearances for the remaining  bed to lay their tracks. In their grandiose visions though, they have suggested elaborate tunnels through two mountain ranges – which happen to lie within areas due, seismologists say, for an 8.0 or greater quake – or quack – as this is more insanity perpetrated on an uneducated, unsuspecting population of taxpaying suffragists.

High speed rail project

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Yes, this mind numbing, rail splitting scenario will come to a screeching stop when 1) there’s no place to put the track, 2) taxpayers refuse to fund a democratic socialist scheme of selfagrandisement, or 3) the ruse is figured out by those empowered to bring to justice those who squander the public’s trust and money without regard to sensible planning and fiscal restraints.

It’s California’s white elephant on the beach. This “high-speed rail,” pet project of Gov. Jerry Brown. It will falter or fail quickly and sometimes it’s best to cut bait and run, for the grunion aren’t running far for this financial fiasco.

[ “The train will lose money and require a subsidy,” said Joseph Vranich, former president of the national High-Speed Rail Assn. “I have not seen a single number that has come out of the California high-speed rail organization that is credible. As a high-speed rail advocate, I am steamed.”

William Grindley, a former World Bank executive and an opponent of the project, has warned that the system will fail financially unless demand skyrockets and ticket prices increase sharply. “Can the proposed California bullet train break even? The answer is unequivocally no,” he said.

With Stanford University management professor Alain Enthoven and Silicon Valley financier William Warren, Grindley wrote a 2012 report — updated last year — that concluded the system would require “a subsidy forever,” in the range of $123 million to $1 billion or more annually.] (quoted from  Ralph Vartabedian and Dan Weikel article, LA Times, May 10, 2015)

And that’s the point of this drafted dialog. Democrat socialist schemes are nothing more than a lascivious lie, an irresponsible fiscal rape of the public. A journey down a path of self promotion to build lasting legacies of loonacy at the expense of those bereft of facts, understanding, or actual involvement, or capability to control their own destinies. And politicians and their friends usually get rich in the prevailing process.

Kalifornia has, through its various irresponsible rhetoric and recklessness, put itself in the throws of turmoil. It’s in debt, going broke and yet, continue to devise devious deals to important illegal, nonworking, non-taxpaying citizens; to implement  healthcare systems unsustainable by any imagination; and build trains from, and to, nowhere that people can’t afford to ride, let alone build.

President Trump has attempted to bring a monetary mindset to the country, improving an economy, increasing the tax base not taxes, and cutting where needed – even this last week delaying federal worker pay increases because… we can’t afford it right now.

We need more of this economic oversight and currency control on the local level in states like Kalifornia – who need to take the example of Texas, Florida and other states who have grown and prospered, even in the era of Obama failures.

Kalifornians… Unless you’re duty bound and overly excited to partake of those cars, cows and convenience stores, you’re certainly committed. Maybe it’s time to wake up, shake off the covers of concealed corruption and hold your leaders responsible for their societal, fiscal rape; the monetary manipulation; the doom of deceit, debt and destruction they have dedicated to your destiny.

~ RB

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