Let’s face it. We all lie. But telling your wife she doesn’t look fat in a dress or expressing your overwhelming love of that ugly new Hawaiian shirt your husband bought doesn’t exactly rock the world’s economies and dismantle political structures.

When it does matter is when you’re the leader of a country – the world’s once most powerful country – and your words have meaning that others depend and react on. You’re elected, expected, and sometimes rejected for the truths you’re to impart to the citizens and other world leaders.

This posting will be short and to the point because its message is simple. We’re being lied to daily. And it DOES matter. It erodes the foundation of our trust in government- and people. It creates and fosters an environment of doubt, declining confidence and leads to lives built on facts not in evidence; Half-truths and deceptions that are for self-purpose promotion or meant to destroy. Deliberate misleading actions and words spewed forth to create, justify, or further chaos, confusion and to direct the masses toward a more controlled existence and government imposed dependency.

The following lies are short, clear and telling. For if we cannot see what’s being done to this country through our own eyes of truth, if we can’t perceive that destructive force which is deliberately, constantly, sometimes delicately executed against us, then we will surely follow the great civilizations of the past who have faded into thin pages of old textbooks and placed on the shelves of history to be ignored or forgotten.

This president and his administration’s own words articulate profoundly the truths they attempted to falsely promote, and failed to deliver for whatever nefarious reasons.

On healthcare:

*Can you keep your own doctor? – NO
*Can you keep you old health plan? – NO
*Will your premiums go down? – NO
*Is this good for American businesses? – NO
*Will it create jobs? – NO
*Does the ACA reduce gov’t spending on healthcare? – NO
*Are we avoiding the dreaded “single payer” healthcare system? – NO
*Were healthcare hearings open and on CSPAN as promised? – NO
*Was a bi-partisan effort encouraged, even allowed on ACA development? – NO
*Is the ACA going to cost ONLY $750 billion and not trillions? – NO
*Are citizens equal, receiving the same considerations as donors and big business? – NO
*Is ACA a premium and NOT a tax? – NO

On the debt, deficit and taxes:

*Did the deficit get reduced by half in 4 years? – NO
*Will the ACA not add “one dime” to the deficit? – NO
*Are people making less than $250,000 avoiding tax increases? – NO
*Has this administration reduced the size of gov’t as promised? – NO
*Has this administration reduced poverty in the U.S.? – NO
*Did we really avoid a “tax” with ACA as promised by the president? – NO
*Did we answer the call of the “shovel ready jobs” as promised? – NO

On running his administration:

*Is this the most transparent administration ever? – NO
*Did lobbyist get banned from influence in the White House? – NO
*Were lobbyists barred from serving in this administration? – NO
*Was lobbyist money eliminated from his campaign? – NO
*Has this administration enforced equal pay for women in their own ranks? – NO
*As the White House states, did Romney’s policies cause the cancer death of a woman? – NO
*Was Benghazi’s tragedy cause by the presence of a video? – NO
*Was there a protest in Benghazi as promoted by the White House? – NO
*Was the administration engaged in finding the truths around Benghazi? – NO
*Is the administration meeting their commitments to providing witnesses and help in the Benghazi matter as they stated? – NO
*Has this administration adhered to its statements of creating jobs? – NO
*Has this administration reduced the debt through its larger taxes and “increased efficiencies?” – NO
*Has this administration reduced food stamp dependency? – NO
*Is the country better off now than four years ago? – NO

National Debt
2009: 10.6 Trillion
2013 Now: 16.9 Trillion
Jan: 2017 Update – 19 Trillion
NOW: usdebtclock.org

Food Stamps
2009: 32.2 million people enrolled
2013 Now: 47.7 million people enrolled

Real Unemployment
2009: 7.8%
Now: 14.3+% (7/5/13)
May 2018:  3.9%

Median Household Income
2009: $54,983
Now: $50,017

Gas Prices
2009: $1.85
Now: $3.80

*Did the president put on his “comfortable shoes and walk the picket line” for union rights instead of ignoring their pleas for help? – NO
*Did the president fulfill his promise to created hundreds of thousands of “green” jobs through billions in loans and grants? – NO
*As he promised, was this president “held accountable” for his actions and decisions? – NO
*As promised, has this president helped to heal the racial divide separating this country? – NO

Has this president, and his tax cheating, lying, socialist, admitted Communist group of 60’s radical appointees and associates really advanced this country to its finest days, or attempted to bring her to her knees as a servant of the world’s socialist doctrines and failed economic policies for the good of a few power elites seeking long term benefits and control….. ?

I guess one could say “What difference, at this point, does it make?”


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