America the beautiful. The United States of America. United you say?

The good ol USA, commonly known as the United States, or America, is a federal republic (not a democracy) composed of 50 states, a federal district, five major self-governing territories, and various possessions.

Minnesota says they’re “USA’s version of Canada
Maine claims to be “1/2 Yuppie, 1/2 Hillbilly and Stephen King.
Arizona says it’s “Beige in every way imaginable.”  etc.  🙂

3.8 million square miles framing just over 325 million individuals united in their love of freedom: Native born, immigrants, global visitors sharing space for the pleasures of living, enjoying a burger or pizza, holding a job, raising a family, watching a movie, obtaining an education or taking in the views of canyons and mountains’ majesty.

But sharing an existence does not united make. Yes, everyone has different opinions, views, ideas, desires and yet for the most part, we work them out; wearing the Christmas tie that grandmother sent, eating at Sarah’s favorite sushi house or watching a chick flick for sake of domestic peace.

But when our futures, our incomes, our rights are on the line, the complexities of “unity” emerge and find their place on the agenda of survival; on the ballot of political voting, and in discussions of diversity.

The greatest social chasm is lined with skin color. Race is the topic, the personal preference and personification of individuality that separates positions of reason, forgetting facts. If you’re white you must be this, you’re black? You have to be that. Asian, Hispanic, Middle Eastern? A whole ‘nother set of considerations and consequences.

Most American’s don’t care a diddle about race. We grew up with friends of different color, we marry other races, our list of friends reads like the visitor’s log at the UN. But during the reign of B. Hussein Obama, race entered the lexicon of Americana undoing decades of growth toward openness and acceptance.

America Divided and in Peril

But from the beginning of those Obama years,  race took preference and served as a wedge of division. From the first refusal to prosecute Black Panthers for white voter intimidation in PA, to chiding Cambridge police, accusing an officer of “acting stupidly” by arresting leading black scholar, Prof Henry Louis Gates – a fact that was later contradicted as they had performed their duties professionally and legally.

He fanned the pyrotechnics of progeny in the Trevon Martin, George Zimmerman case and the Missouri landscape exploded when race became the “hands up” declarative dirge of Michael Brown’s self imposed criminal demise at the hands of a white police officer. Again, played up by a president bent on promoting racial divide for purposes unrevealed.

So the abyss of UNacceptance grew wider in our social scene because of racial conflict unnecessarily inserted. But the one, the widest wedge of disunion comes in the political arena – maybe one of the strongest factors for hatred and mistrust in our country.

Politics runs our lives. It makes our laws, enforces our laws, punishes the law breakers, oversees our economy affecting our incomes and families, and has in essence infused itself into our very being – happily, willingly or not.

Everything has become “partisan.” Every word spoken or tweeted, posted or presented on paper becomes a foundation for either reason or ridicule. The badinage and excited exchanges fight logical levels of lucidity because of agendas and personal purpose. The clarity of conscience is swept aside and covered with lies, half-truths, and undiscerning discourse.

This last week saw our senate, one of the highest, responsibility-endowed groups in the land descend into a pit of pitiful. A classless display of clumsiness trying to deny a most qualified jurist, a model citizen, a capstone of clarity when it comes to dispensing justice – Judge Brett kavanaugh – a life long earned position.

U.S. Court of Appeals DC Circuit Public domain

How far down the resistive road of history do we travel to destroy a life? When an unsupported, unproven, uncorroborated accusation from 35 years ago can derail an truthfully earned appointment, we’ve reached a point of danger in this country not easily undone.

FACT: The accuser can’t tell anyone exactly when (sometimes in the year of ’82?). Can’t tell anyone where. Can’t tell of anyone who was there. And anyone listed as probably being able to support her views denies being at such a party or knowing the party happened or the accused being there.

FACT: The accuser writes a letter to the democratic leadership asking for confidentiality but of course her name and events are released to soil the fabric of the proceedings. And instead of bringing the allegation to the Senate Hearing committee leadership, liberals sit on it to pull out the slanderous slate of events later, if needed, to deny a position on the Supreme Court.

FACT: During the “waiting” period the democratic leadership prepares the playing field lining up the accused with a left wing, activist attorney to inaccurately align everything for the big reveal but again, the republicans sit on the sidelines unaware.

CSPAN (U.S. Congress) [Public domain]

FACT: This shell game of the left leaves open the door for other accusers to “show up,” again without benefit of truth, without the support of ANY witnesses but all having in hand their crying claims of crimes portrayed for one purpose – to destroy.

For all the latest information out there, you might want to read   Maricopa County Special Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell’s report, basically exonerating Judge Kavanaugh regarding Ford’s allegations!

These pompous pimps sit in their sanctimonious piety, dispensing judgement over those, not unworthy, but with whom they disagree through their partisan beliefs of superiority. The judge is a pawn in the larger, odious game of chess played out on the gameboard of a senate hearing room. In light of the FBI investigations and general reason, watch as potentially the Dems’ complaint shifts from sexual assault to the judge’s drinking and partying. Oh my… a REAL human being in college. Someone wake up Justice Ginsburg.

The division of Americans grows more every day as we see the agenda of the left to demean our people, deny our rights, dismantle our system of justice and attempt to destroy our way of life and our very country. It’s a danger our founding fathers tried to avoid through their careful construction of our constitution; through the assemblage of our Bill of Rights and laying a foundation of law and reason to keep us free and safe from tyranny.

This writer admits to being a conservative essayist. Not a journalist, but a reporter of facts,holding to a middle of the road position so as to attempt fairness and reason for all. It’s important that facts prevail and truth be told so as to reach the real conclusions of any situation, for anything less will result in collapse of our very civilization with irreparable results.

The division seen this last week, the widening of the gulf of personal greed and goofiness will only serve to separate us as people. We’re only strong when we can stand together. When we know truths, we’re able to make decisions based on what’s truly the best for everyone – not a few who hold office over us in prestigious wood walled sanctuaries of standing.

This November again presents the opportunity to make choices, to enlist a cadre of leaders who will adhere to an established set of laws, will work to keep us all equal and united, not divided. If this past week doesn’t show the partisanship of the left; doesn’t reveal the venomous vehement vigor of vileness guiding the democratic party; doesn’t serve as a warning for what could be under unequal justice and insane accusations meant only to abuse and align us against one another… then you’re not fit to vote and you should stay home and celebrate your misanthropic malaise.

RB ~

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