Let’s face it. America’s “basket of deplorables” is greatly offset by the hell-bound “handbasket of liberals” destroying our country. The good ol USA is NOT what it was decades or just years ago.

I was wandering through the RB archives of memories and found the banner photo above. A time when I did a TV show in the ’60s with a friend from the group, the New Christy Minstrels. Even though the ’60s were a great time to grow up with its great music, school friends and parties and coming into our own maturity, it also produced the radicals which have been coming into their own and destroying this country with their America hating liberal ideology.

It’s no longer the time of peaceful dissent. Now we find ourselves opposed with a force, not dedicated to open free speech to better our country, but a violent, in your face obstructionism that is bent on tearing down all that’s good, decent and respectful.

They’ve taken God out of schools – while allowing and pushing for Muslim prayers. They forsake American values and our elderly and veterans while allowing a foreign invasion of unknown origins and purpose to drain our societal resources and kill our populous.

Watch the news and every day, it’s not about advancements, the positives, the progress toward a better country. It’s a media battleground about who is starting what “time and money wasting” investigation into some imaginary crime for the purpose of disrupting our system of governance.  Some “witch hunt” that’s not about finding evidence against a criminal – but making a criminal out of a citizen while hoping to find a crime.

The photo above reminded me of when TV was entertaining, fun and a reflection of good things. Can we really say that late night comedians are anywhere close to the real humor of a Jonathan Winters or Johnny Carson? Or just hours of failed attempts at political hate humor designed for half the country? While I strive not to wander into the definition of “wholesomeness,” are we not more worried now about having our kids following the life of some role model named Boo Boo rather than the more American “Life of Riley,” “My Three Sons” or… ok, a “Donna Reed?” They were more sedate but certainly less offensive and…. stupid.

Were Ozzie and Harriett so bad? Or are we now destined to watch couples shipped to some island so we can observe, even tease and promote their unfaithfulness to their spouses for our viewing pleasures?

Media is a wonderful thing and yet it now displays the worst of society making it appear normal and acceptable. So many shows degrade the black community with their bling-laden, unrealistic lifestyles laid out like so many continuous parties of screaming women, sexual interplays and hip hop rants attempting to be commonplace – even respectable.

Shows should present more respect for people and not use trivial, salacious displays to sell their airtime and shampoos.

I’m not interested in being racist, homophobic or – insert your own term here – but neither do I believe that gays or bi-racial couples make up 50-60 % of the population. And yet they are now the requisite cast of every commercial and TV show hoping to persuade us it’s a normal thing we MUST recognize and accept. Seems every “manly” show from the FBI to SEALS to SWAT teams and more need to portray their gay elements, or now Muslim characters, hoping we see the social need to include, not just understand. I like a good drama, but I don’t like being indoctrinated under the cover of social acceptance.

The interplay between media and real life can be observed through the learned actions of those who falsely accuse others of racial acts of hate, who blindly attack peaceful citizens standing on sidewalks, who make wild accusations and spew lies all for the sake of political redress. All supported by the complicit media that delights and profits from the dissemination of “fakeness.”

People who are so dismally, unrealistically swayed in their upbringing, grow up to be distasteful senators and representatives. They direct society in ways that are not of a productive, honest nature. The party that cared about open free speech and the plight of the common man has become the fighting force for shutting down speech, for limiting rights and controlling the everyday peace-loving civilian.

The facts are that the border is being invaded. Our economy is still fragile. The world is not at peace. And yet so many choose to rabble-rouse the people and waste time and resources fighting for their political cause rather than bettering our landscape for societal good.

What does this lead to? A society where you can get face punched for liking a president. A society where you pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to cheat your kid’s entrance into college. A society where anyone can claim a racist attack all for the purpose of furthering their agenda of hate and grandiose acceptance.

Yes, TV had its place, its influence. And the intrigue and excitement of Perry Mason, Gunsmoke or Mission Impossible was enough to keep us occupied for hours and grow up with a sense of adventure, creativity, and wonder in our world. Now? We sow the seeds of false lifestyles and infidelity leading to a country of radical leaders exploring the same deceptions in their governance of our lives.

Sky King and Jim Rockford? Wherefore art thou?


RB ~

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