The threat is real. The weapons are available. Access to our country is open and easy. And yet maximum protection is not being provided for our very safety.

In Part 3 we look at what is done, not done and what would work. Part 1 is HERE and Part 2 is HERE.

Again, our contributor interview is with Dr. Peter Pry, Executive Director of the EMP Task Force on National and Homeland Security.


RB ~ And why is the utility industry in particular not concerned. It’s going to have devastating effects on their long-term viability, profitability, all those things in addition to the world in general. Why would they not be concerned? Is it a cost factor?

Dr. Pry ~ “Well I know that you know in this libertarian era that we live in, and I’m a tea party conservative myself, I believe in the government that governs least governs best.

But even if the founding fathers, who were the ultimate libertarians, they knew you couldn’t privatize national security and public safety. That’s why we have a government. It’s the government’s job to compel the private sector to do what’s necessary for national security and public safety because the private sector always takes the “profit” view.

When they have that dollar in their hand, they say well, why spend it protecting the electric grid against a once in a hundred-year magnetic superstorm? Look at the possibility of a terrorist attack on the grid. They’re going to say to themselves “that’s government’s job, that’s not my job.” And put that dollar of profit in their pocket because they have a very short-range view of things. And the government is supposed to take the long view and is supposed to use regulation to compel the industry to do the right things.

That’s why, to use an example of it from the past before we had a Pure Food and Drug Administration, during the Progressive Era and the turn of the century, Coca-Cola actually used to have cocaine in it and some people would die for buying medicines that were poisonous.

And so that’s why you have people who work for the industry at the electric power industry, in particular, the North American Electric Reliability Corporation, the Electric Power Research Institute, Edison Electric Institute, they masquerade as think tanks and as response societally responsible actors.

But what they really are is very highly paid lobbyists. They have $145 million dollars a year, the electric power industry lobby, and the whole job of that extremely expensive enterprise is to prevent federal regulation to keep industry, the electric power industry, in a 19th-century regulatory environment.

They’re the last critical infrastructure that regulates itself, and there isn’t really any effective federal agency that can tell them what to do. And that’s been part of the problem. You know they stated even as recently as last week under EMP issue they put out a bogus report. The Electric Power Research Institute put out a bogus report trying to argue that that the EMP threat is not really existential it’s not really that bad that they understand it perfectly well just trust them.

They can’t protect the country from a nuclear EMP attack perfectly well without any federal oversight or requirements to harden their grid and their report is just completely bogus. They are no more to be trusted than the cigarette industry was back in the 50s and early 60s, when they had independent laboratory assessments so-called that, proved there was no causal linkage between smoking and lung cancer.

Average Americans are good churchgoing honest people. And it’s hard for the average American to understand big “inside the Washington Beltway mentality” where there really are people, lobbyists, who are willing to do terrible things for a buck, even putting their own grandchildren’s and children’s lives at risk because that’s what they get paid for and they are able to rationalize this.

They say well it’s not my job, it’s the federal government’s job to protect against this. And you know and they are right and that’s why President Trump passed this executive order on EMP on March 26. And finally, we’ve got a president, who grabbed the bull by the horns and has got an executive order that’s put us on a fast track to get the country protected. That doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. These guys are still out there and they’re going to fight to stop the executive order. That’s why the PAP republished that report.

And when you’ve got everybody in the media who hate President Trump, that’s going to try to belittle him and say he was foolish for dealing with EMP and he’s got a tin foil on his head and everything else because they don’t take a bit larger view either. And they’re so blinded by their animosity toward President Trump and blinded by their partisanship.

So the President has got a really tough road ahead of him but can make that happen. When I was a young man and we were still a true Constitutional Republic if you’ve got a presidential executive order passed it really would have been the end of the argument and it would have happened. But that’s not how it is anymore. We now know there is this thing called the deep state that thinks it knows better than congressional EMP commissions, better than the Department of Defense and knows better than the President. They’ve got their own ideas about what deserves priority and how to run the country. And so the President has got to overcome the lobbyists, ideologues and the press and resistance within his own government. And I just wish he would say you’re fired a lot more and not just fire the top people like Kirsten Nielsen who definitely deserved to be fired but they are a whole bunch of people beneath her. I mean she was doing a lousy job as secretary of Homeland Security if she’s listening to these Obama holdovers. And deep staters who go into these cushy jobs in your executive service. There’s got to be a way if they can’t fire these people they should be reassigned to cafeteria duty help them out and you know make them mop floors or something and at least stop the damage they’re doing to national security.”

RB ~ And it seems to be that we’ve got so many people that are so inundated with their partisan views. They’re not looking out for America they’re looking out for their own interests and so it gets in the way of accomplishing things prompted by the first guy in a long time, maybe ever, that went into office with guts who was willing to take some steps.

Thanks so much Dr. Pry for your expertise and input.

Part 1 is HERE and Part 2 is HERE.


Yes, the threat is real, it’s being looked at more and more, but with the deep state, the lobbyists, the partisan corruption and the self-serving power industry, it’ll be tough for the President’s EMP agenda to get fulfilled. Add into that the Trump hating RINOS and… our country is at risk again.

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