Sometimes I’m impulsive. I get a thought, feel an urge to share and…. wha la…. a rant. These aren’t long, not overly researched and maybe not fully thought out, but just thoughts that might spark your own ranting.

June 15 ~  As I ponder the release of the IG report, i’m convinced of one thing…. We know Comey lied and was in the pro-Clinton camp and willing to do whatever it took to bypass facts and make her the president. HOWEVER… i’m really pissed and tired of no one going after the real traitor in this story – Hillary herself. She and Billy have skated on every charge they’ve faced (or not faced) for 30 years years. They’ve gotten rich at the public trough and accountability has never been in their storyline. Start at the top of this legal fiasco and work your way down – don’t start in the middle and end it there.

June 10 ~  Another big week ahead. Trump in Singapour with the rocketman meeting, the IG report looming closer and more and more demonic demorats clinging to their anti-guns, anti-religion, hate Trump rhetoric. I wonder when the American people will view the system for what it is and start to seek and demand the truth AND justice we deserve from our leaders. I truly am amazed when certain congressional leaders open their mouths to spew nothing but stupidity and yes, outright lies. Must be nice getting paid so much money and bennies and not being responsible for anything. Really nice. :-/ 

June 6 ~  In watching the California elections last night, I’m amazed at the rampant stupidity that must exist in every nook and cranny, burrough and hamlet of that liberal experiment. And CA is an experiment…on how much people will tolerate before they wake up and smell the liberalism. Gasoline approaching $5/gal, some of the highest income taxes in the country, waste and abuse of taxpayer funds including shelling out over $3,000,000 in San Fran just to clean up feces and drug needles in an openly despicable living environment. One governor candidate (D) makes it about Trump but as the “R” runner, Cox, says, “Trump didn’t created the problems” and winning this year in CA might be making it about California and the citizens and the problems there rather than spinning the record of liberal talking points for HATE TRUMP HATE TRUMP HATE TRUMP. Keep it real instead of meaningless.

June 1 ~  Well, summer has again found it’s way into the Valley of the Sun around Phoenix. Or, as we like to call it, the basin of despair. The piercing direct heat of the sun penetrates to the bone, you burn your hands on your car’s steering wheel, and your desire for anything outside the protection of your air conditioning dissipates until about November. The only thing hotter is the rhetoric of liberals in the cesspool of cynicism. Heat makes tempers flare and adds to the non-quality of life; Friendships are tested; Drivers on the streets lose their sanity and ability to drive between the lines. Some will say “oh… it’s great to lay by the pool.” Frankly I’d rather be lying under a tree with a cool breeze and a river or lake in my view. We’re looking at 110 in a week or so…. and that’s not living. I question if it’s even existing. The only positive? It’s cooler than the 118 we’ll see in a couple months. They say “but it’s a dry heat.”  As Johnny Carson once said, “my oven is a dry heat…. but i wouldn’t want to live in it.

May 30 ~  In preparing for an upcoming article, i spoke yesterday with a former Asst. Dir. of the FBI. He’s currently the president of a law enforcement support program along with Edwin Meese, former U.S. Attorney General, and other highly placed LE officials. In talking with him about our article, I was struck how dedicated these individuals were, and are, in their service to our country. The time and effort they dedicate. The dangers they sometimes face. We’re overrun with lawlessness now from street gangs, the invading MS13 gangs, drug related crimes, domestic violence, racial and political violence. Just imagine the anarchy and chaos that would exist without any law enforcement at all. Yes, being pissed off at that speeding ticket is normal but… try to thank them for the job they’re doing because the next car they stop could find them facing a gun wielding felon.

May 28 ~ Memorial Day –  For many it’s a day off. BBQs. Travel to see families. A chance to catch up on yard work and house chores; Many times without a thought of what today really is for. As a vet I might be a touch more aware of today but mainly because of losing my dad last year. A true WWII vet who served 2 years in Germany, Italy and France. He was in the Signal Corps keeping the US and Allies’ radio communications open and working. He told of leaving his foxhole to make a line repair when another bomb struck that hole… within a minute of his leaving it. He talked about finding God and accepting Christ from a traveling Baptist minister who came through the camp one night. And promising God that if he let him return home safe, he’d be baptised. War was personal for those over there. War was hell. Too many died. And we have to remember they died protecting others. I give thanks every time I see service people in airports and around the town for without them… we’d be living under another lifestyle  I trust your trips are safe and your BBQ is yummy, but i also pray you’ll stop and remember those who made it all possible. 

May 24 ~ Watching the Trump train move from one track to another is always an observation of a HUUUGE three card Monty game. I’ve been fortunate over time to have several millionaires and a couple billionaires as clients. They’re successful because they think different than the rest of us. They’re 14 steps ahead thinking of consequences, ramifications, alternatives, rewards and shortfalls of every situation. The cancellation of the Trump-Kim meeting is showing a position of strength and putting it out there who is in control. It’s true that there’s nothing yet to codify, only general subjects for discussion which might lead to a peaceful resolution. Trump’s letter to Kim can be see HERE. Time will tell if a final solution can be reached once NOKO adheres to the wishes of total, verifiable, irreversible denuclearization of the region.

May 18 ~ So, I come to the desk this morning and see another school shooting in TX with 8 dead. It’ll be about 4 minutes before libs start running their mouths about gun control, white privilege, fallacies of some sort or another. I’m for gun control – NOT registration as such and NOT confiscation. Background checks are paramount to at least try to keep the wrong guys from having them, but a crazed thug or mentally disturbed person will find a way to achieve their goals. We need to look at the problems causing these incidents like over medicating or unmedicated kids, poor family issues like missing fathers, and the root cause. TOO MANY TIMES people say “I knew if this happened it’d be him,” or “he’s always been weird.” Maybe we need to look at things in advance rather than in the rearview mirror. THE GUN IS NOT THE CAUSE, only the means. And without a gun, we’ve seen that people use other means. For general news happenings:

May 17 ~ Trump was elected to carry forth the will of the disgruntled public who was tired of being lied to and continually covered with the cloak of socialism. But… his election hasn’t changed a lot. Sure the economy is better for some, we’re winning against our radical enemies and an attempt is being made to secure our borders and save American jobs. The hidden adversaries with not-so-hidden agendas is still lurking in the shadows of DC waiting to derail the Trump train. We must be aware. We must be informed. We must keep fighting, for if we don’t fight back with verbal and written objections to our leaders… we might find ourselves fighting back with the weapons of old. It worked for the colonists against England.

May 13 ~ Where’s the justice? Let’s face facts. Democrats are liars. O’Barry lied (did you keep your plan or doctor? Did you save money on your healthcare?) And we know that  Comey lied, and Brennan, Clapper, Rice, and others. We know that Samantha Powers unmasked a person a day. Where did she get the right and authority to do that so it could be leaked to the media? We know that Hitlery has committed multiple – MULTIPLE – felonies related to the securing, storing and exchange of classified material (and by the way, O’Barry did the same knowingly communicating with her and using his own fake mail system). Have any of these people had the sanctity of their homes invaded looking for materials related to their crimes? Have they been questioned and charged for anything? When will it happen? Americans want to know.